Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Richest Man in Walnut Grove

I have a favorite episode of Little House on the Prairie. It is when the children were all young. Do you remember Ma and Pa Ingalls? Do you remember Mary, Laura and Carrie? I love watching their quiet life on their farm. They live in a secluded spot.

They live similar to the way the Old Order Amish live now:

1. Horse Drawn Wagon.
2. No electricity.
3. No phone.
4. Growing most of their food.

Life is quiet and simple. But it can be tough financially. There is a price for simplicity. You have to learn to be content with little. You have to find joy in this kind of life - without much money.

Well, my favorite episode is called "The Richest Man in Walnut Grove." Basically, Hansen's company has an account that goes bankrupt. He is unable to pay Pa two months worth of wages. The Ingalls owe a large debt to the Mercantile. They pull together and work hard to pay off this debt very quickly. Here is what they do:

1. Pa takes two very low paying jobs. He is grateful for any work he can get.
2. Mary works full time for Mrs. Whipple, sewing. She does her schoolwork at home.
3. Laura takes on her sister's chores and helps Ma with extra garden work.

They are exhausted but carry on. They have a focus. It is to get rid of debt. I love when they all sit at the table and they are eating fresh berries. There is no sugar. They ran out of tea and coffee. . . .They go without.. . But they are okay. They still have their beautiful home and land. They have each other and tremendous love for one another.

There is so much we can learn from this episode. Hard times come to all. Yet, it is the strong families who are richest of all.

Mrs. White


Unknown said...

I love that one. We love them all actually. And everything is so very true.

Deanna said...

Very well said.
I would like to rewatch this series.
It was such a great series.
Liked the Waltons as well.

cherie said...

thank you for the wisdom of this post, mrs. white. indeed, we find the wealthiest those who love their families the most. God bless!

Anonymous said...

I like how pa explains that any job is a good job if you do your best.Laura says I really love you pa and the look on his face says that made it all worth it.