Friday, September 18, 2009

Tonight's Simple Supper

We had a sort of "picnic" at the kitchen table. I made everything look elegant. I even used serving bowls. We ate a simple meal. Here is what we had:

1. Tossed Salad -Lettuce, carrots, cucumber with dressing.

2. A Plate of Bread.

3. A Small plate with Knife to use for Mayonnaise.

4. A Small Platter to hold Turkey and cheese for those who wanted to make sandwiches.

5. A Large, pretty bowl with lots of Chips.

We all had a nice beverage and silverware. We sat around the table together, while listening to classical music.

I do have to tell you that my oven has been broken for quite some time now. I am having to be creative with the resources I still have available. I dearly miss
being able to bake. I want to make biscuits and lasagna. I want to bake cookies and make meatloaf. But we will be okay! In the meantime, I love our simple suppers!

Mrs. White


cherie said...

simple suppers still keep the tummy full. thnak you for this post, mrs. white!

lady m said...

What an inspiration you are Mrs. White! To adjust and adapt to your new circumstance. The Lord continues to give us His Grace even in the most simple of tasks.

Dinners that are simple tend to be the most delicious~

many blessings to your day,

lady m

Dawn said...

I am sorry to hear your oven is broken. I know that must be hard!
But you are making do with what ya have and God just keeps on providing. =)
If it makes you feel any better, my kitchen sink has a leaky pipe underneath and we have no money to fix it, so I am currently doing dishes in the bathroom sink.
I mean I clean all the dishes in a dishpan and then rinse in the bathroom sink, dry, and put away.
I am grateful still though... =)

Blessings ~


Laura Lane said...

I've had times when I didn't have a working oven. They are challenging. Right now, my glass cooktop is broken. We bought it second hand and didn't notice the cracks. My child mashed potatoes and it broke. The repairman said it's too old to get a replacement top, but I can use it as long as no liquids get down in it. I can use the two right burners. One triangular piece of glass pokes up above the rest of the top, but it has not yet collapsed. I must be very careful with it. It's been this way since last Thanksgiving or shortly thereafter. BUT GOD, who holds all things together in Jesus, has kept it from breaking utterly, so I keep using it thankfully.

As Teddy Roosevelt said many years ago, "Do what you can with what you've got where you are."

Mrs. Lane

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