Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Cozy Morning in Vermont

Wooded Winter Landscape, c.1899

It is cozy and warm in my living room. I am sitting near my wood stove and just love being here. The snow outside is absolutely beautiful. I am excited with my plans for today.

I am going to do my favorite thing in the world.... clean and polish and shine my house. I will also do some school work with the children. I need to pick out a new book to start reading today. I have several review copies I need to work on. Hopefully I have a nice Christian novel somewhere. I would like to get lost in another world for a little while. It is relaxing and fun!

I have had so many wonderful blessings this week. Even during our hard times, I wake up each morning, eager to see what miracles the Lord brings into our lives. I am praising God for each little joy. Yesterday, I was happy with some cake. The day before that, I was given coupons for $8 off my next grocery trip! Just little things to take delight in, and praise God for.

We also found out that we are getting a brand new refrigerator for free. Not only that, but Nana and Grandpa (who live with us) will also get a new fridge for free! These are such amazing miracles that bring tears of joy to my eyes.

God is good and greatly to be praised.

Hope you have a wonderful day and that many miracles are sent your way!

Mrs. White


Annie Kate said...

Hi Mrs White,

Thanks for an inspiring post, and for changing the comment settings.

Annie Kate

Michelle said...

I also love my wood stove. It does such an efficient job of heating, doesn't it? Last night I got up at midnight and added a few logs to it, and then my husband was up at 5:30 and able to get it going again from the coals. We keep a cast iron kettle on it to add moisture to the air. Sometimes I add a couple of drops of peppermint essential oil to it to make the air also smell so fresh. :)

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