Saturday, July 10, 2010

What's in the Bible 3 - Wandering in the Desert

Veggie Tale Creator, Phil Vischer has just released the latest "What's in the Bible" on DVD. This one is Volume 3, called "Wandering in the Desert." It covers Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. Through engaging stories, informative talks and humor, viewers receive a fabulous Biblical education in a fun and easy way.

The program is designed to teach children the deep truths of Scripture. In a variety-show- Muppet -style, the program is mostly hosted by adorable puppets. We have a cast which includes a Sunday School Teacher, a Pastor, Scientist, Stage Director, and some misinformed puppets who learn right along with viewers.

You'll see segments with songs, Bible lessons, Phil Vischer answering difficult Biblical questions, and cartoon-type illustrations to truly entertain and instruct. The fast moving pace keeps viewers attention and helps to retain information.

I enjoyed watching the program and think it would be a great addition for homeschooling parents as a supplement to their Bible curriculum. There are currently three volumes in the series (I reviewed Part 1 and 2,  "In the Beginning" and "Let my People Go," a few months ago.) Each program is just as fun as the last.

The Bonus features are adorable and are "hosted" by Captain Pete, a puppet who is funny and entertaining.   One of the extras is " Our Miraculous Universe." This segment is a much-needed response to current social theories. It helps children understand scientific facts, and the existence of God. It is very well done.

The show also has it's own bloopers, called "show outtakes." The entire program is quite the production.  I am impressed!

*Disclosure - I received this DVD from Tyndale House for Review Purposes.*

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Deanna said...

Dear Mrs. White,
I love Veggie Tales!!! so I will be on the look out for this production you've talked about. So glad you've shared this.

It will help me to learn more about the Bible in a fun way as my grandchildren will watch it as well.

May you have a great week-end!