Sunday, August 1, 2010

Fighting the Money Seeking Mentality

Library of Congress: Mountain Family in Kentucky, 1940

I've been thinking a lot about material goods. Television is full of nice houses, nice cars, and people spending money on things that seem like necessities. I see people all around me with newer homes, good paying jobs, and cash with which to splurge. I have to shake this all off because that is not my value system.

I crave a spiritual life with less possessions. My permanent home is in heaven. I pour all my energy on my children, my husband, and my family, seeking my reward in the next life.

Do you remember when large families and hard work were the norm? Do you remember the depression era days when neighbors were neighborly and had time to visit, encourage and help each other out?

Why are people choosing to have less children and more possessions? Why doesn't anyone want to stay at home and focus on building up the family? How often does anyone even read their Bible anymore or go to Church?

Somewhere along the line, the American Dream spiraled out of control. It is not about being surrounded by fine things. It is about having a HOME and a FAMILY.

I am going to print out some of these old pictures (like the one above) and imagine all the precious souls being trained to do God's work, who will shun worldly goals.  We mothers need to start spending more joyful time in daily religious duties and making home a godly culture. We need to be the example of being God's servant and fulfilling His calling on our life to our children. We need to stop being distracted by the glitz and glamor of our society.

This week, I am going to pull out all my old Depression -era books and I am going to read and study about the old days. I am going to be inspired by the Old Time Mothers and their godly wisdom. And I am going to wage a war, in my heart, against seeking an abundance of money, which is the ultimate enemy of trust and faith in an omnipotent God.


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Tracy said...

I so needed this reminder, Mrs. White! Thank you for sharing. :)

Amy said...

Amen! I am home sick from church this morning, and reading this post was like the perfect mini-sermon!

Anonymous said...

AMEN to that!!! Very well said, Mrs. White.

Mrs. Buesing

SisterTipster said...

I'm with you! Living a life of frugality does not mean lack! God has it all for us when our priorities are in order! Thank you for a nice post.

Catherine (Alecat Music) said...

A lovely post, written by a kindred spirit. ☺

What really frightens (disturbs) me is how much 'unlearning' we have to do now so we can teach these principles correctly to our children.

Anonymous said...

This summer has been difficult for me. I am watching 3 (THREE!) young marriages fall apart, not because of abuse, just because "it's hard." Appreciate your prayers for these 3 couples. My husband & I are trying hard to bring encouragement/a sense of commitment to these young people - and I PRAY all the time for them.
It was wonderfully refreshing to read your blog this morning! You lifted my spirits. Thank you and bless you!

Sheri said...

comment, comment and another comment-LOL!

Hey that fam was doing the Duggar thing long before ole Jim Bob and Michelle were a glint in their grandpappys' eyes! LOL Nice idea and love the posts lady!

Have a good one-

Unknown said...

Love reading depression era books and articles. May I ask which depression era books you enjoy and learn from?

The Charm of Home said...

Awesome! The Bible is the only self help we ever need. So many missing the whole point of why we are here chasing the "dream."