Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Days at the Estate

Flowers on the Windowsill

I love having my old furniture around me. I love setting the old chair, just so, in the parlour. I will walk through a room, and do some little service, to make the room look special. Then I look through the bookshelves and find a pleasant book to enjoy during my break.

I spent much of the last few days doing some heavy housework.  A clean and tidy home is the goal and a never-ending task. But the work brings the most joy, and makes my time of resting that much more gratifying.

Did you ever watch an episode of House Hunters on Home and Garden Television? I love to hear how the families say they Must Have granite counters, or more than one bathroom. I am also amazed when they see a perfectly nice house and announce it needs a major remodeling job in order for them to live there. It has to be their taste - it must be re-done. . .  Have you ever seen someone living in an old, charming house and never did those upgrades? I've had people visit us in our old house and say, "Wow! You have so much work to do here!"  They think the house must be modernized with the latest flooring, newest counters and other such expensive jobs. I just smile. . .

I prefer the charm of my old, antique estate. I love to be here, in the old museum (as I call it), just cleaning and puttering and making a humble home.

These are happy days at the estate.

Mrs. White

A Vintage photograph of our old house - An Elegant Home Despite Poverty.

Pleasant Moments - Taking a Break from My Housework.

Enjoying - The Parlour in the Morning.

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proverbs31heart said...

I love your attitude and I thank you for sharing this. Our home is old, too, and, by everyone else's standards, badly in need of repair, but, like you, we are content. It's a rare thing to hear of (or read of) women who are truly content in today's world. God bless you, Mrs. White! You truly are a blessing to me!

All My Love,

Anonymous said...

Years ago I cross stitched a sampler that said "The secret of contentment is being happy with what you have." I truly believe that. So many people don't know the difference between a want and a need. As long as I have what I need I am content and God has always been generous enough to provide all that I need.
May you and your family have a Blessed Easter.
You are the calm port in today's choppy seas. Thank You.

MommaFinally said...

Thanks for dropping by Mrs. White! I love the charm of old houses. When we lived in Holland, I enjoyed cycling around to marble at the old houses in the neighborhood and dreamt of living in one :)

You are so lucky you found this house of yours. Where we live now is a house we have built ourselves. It is a house where Sean will grow up and live with his children too.

Heather said...

Funny, I have had that same thought, too, when watching House Hunters. It boggles my mind how particular people are, especially young "kids" who barely have their first job under their belt. Times have changed.

Our house is from the thirties. Not so old by some standards, but needs work is an understatement. Too small for six kids would definitely be what someone today would say. But my kids like sharing their rooms, and just today I had several compliments on how cozy my house is from guests for Easter. It's not the space or the newness or the upgrades that's the people who live there and the love you see manifested in the home.

By the way, my runner up for my blogoversary giveaway already had the Rebecca St. James cd, and you were the third name we drew. Do you already have the cd? Because if you don't, it's yours!

Just email me at blessingfarm at cox dot net with your addy and I will arrange for it to be sent to you asap.



The Prudent Homemaker said...

You do well, to just smile. God Bless you.

5ennie said...

Sounds lovely! And I love Carl Larsson's art - so beautiful!
Here from HHH.

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