Friday, August 26, 2011

Amish Values for Your Family - Review

Book - Amish Values for Your Family  by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Publisher - Revell

Paperback, 184 pages.

This lovely book was written in a way to encourage modern, "English" families to live with old fashioned Amish values, without having to become Amish.

Each chapter includes a short quote of wisdom from the Amish. There are also stories of Amish life. Next, you'll find real life examples that we can use in our modern society. There are also charming quotes from "Sages" taken from an Amish publication called, "The Budget."

I'll share a quote from page 26, "Very few burdens are heavy if everyone lifts." - Amish Proverb.

One of the stories, on page 22, was so sweet. It described a day for Hannah Miller, as she cared for her young children and went about her tasks. She had a sick baby and chores that had to be done. Her husband was supposed to help the boys with an important chore, but he had been delayed. The boys had gotten all muddy and a mess! But the sweet lesson learned was precious! The book is full of such stories, on all kinds of topics - from money to education and so much more.

*Disclosure - I received this book for review purposes.*


Taryn said...

My children enjoyed the hardcover Amish Pathway Readers(grades 1-8 starting with Days Go By) at

TenderHeartMom said...

sounds like a cool book, I will have to check it out. I'm only an hour outside an large Amish area and have always been fascinated by them and admire their simplicity.