Friday, March 30, 2012

Review - Independence Day by Michael DiMarco

Book - Independence Day: Graduating into a New World of Freedom, Temptation, and Opportunity

Author - Michael DiMarco

Publisher - Revell

Hardcover, 142 Pages.

If you have a teenager graduating from High School, you might want to consider this gift book from Michael DiMarco. He offers advice, Bible verses, and personal stories for the new graduate.

Sections include: Freedom (what young people are seeking), temptation (what we all have to face) and opportunity (the great things that lay ahead.)  He candidly shares how he couldn't wait to move out of his parents house because he wanted the freedom to make his own choices, and not have to follow the house rules. This, of course, is common among many young people.

He has "independent study sections" where readers can think, and answer questions.  The book would appeal most to young men, and their fathers (who might want to chuckle a little at Michael remembering his younger years). It may also appeal to curious mothers who wonder what many young graduates might be thinking.

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