Sunday, April 15, 2012

When Television Was Special

Television set in Mrs. White's Home.

A Television set used to be a beloved piece of furniture. It was neatly dusted and polished. Some Mothers kept a white crocheted doily on the top, with a nice plant or some flowers. This was a lovely addition to the living room.

In the old days, families would gather around the radio to hear a nice evening program, after the chores were finished. There were a few programs that the children enjoyed, and others that the whole family wanted to hear. . . . In later years, this also happened with a TV set.

My Father worked hard at his job, and around the house. He had a large garage with a wood stove and a workshop. He was in charge of our garden and all maintenance for the cars and house. He also kept things tidy indoors, always cleaning up after himself. We children respected him and his need for rest. So when he wanted to watch a program, we children would sit on the floor, or couch, nearby and watch it with him. We saw many old westerns on Saturday afternoons. 

 On a weekly basis, we watched Lawrence Welk. We were always so excited when that program came on. We all enjoyed it so much!

We would have popcorn, or chips and just be together on those happy nights, watching television with Mother and Dad. 

In those days, there was no such thing as a VCR or DVD player. We had never even heard of such a thing. If we missed a special movie . . .well. . .that was that.   We could only hope it would come on again next year.

Most of our time was spent outside, or working, or at school. Television was special because most of the programs were wholesome and family centered. We would laugh and smile and be encouraged by genuine comedy in a time when vulgarity was unheard of. 

I remember snowy winter nights, sitting by a roaring fireplace and watching Charlie Brown.  This was a rare treat!  We children would have already spent time in the kitchen, sitting together at the table, eating supper that Mother made. Then we would have our share of the chores, doing dishes, sweeping, and cleaning the table. When that work was finished, we could sit and enjoy a nice entertaining program and just relax and be happy.

Today, there are so many choices on television - almost too many.  Sometimes I worry that television is such a magnet that we could watch all our time away. But the programs of this era can never compare to the sweet wholesome shows of yesteryear.

Mrs. White

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Michy loving our journey said...

Love this! Our toddler has no focus on tv and it's WONDERFUL! A movie for us is a treat to sit and watch as adults at night...
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