Friday, July 12, 2013

Cleaning House with Baby

Library of Congress: Baby with Mother, by Geo. B. Petty, 1912.


It is certainly a challenge to keep house, when there are babies and small children around. But these are the loveliest times of all for the homemaker.

Babies often look on curiously at all the work we do in the home.  They are shocked by the noise from the blender, the vacuum, and the washing machine. 

One day last week, I was making a cake.  I had baby in the carriage.  He watched as I brought down the large mixing bowl (to his level), and used my electric hand-mixer to stir the cake batter. He loved it!

I have put him in the walker while vacuuming the carpet.  It is easy to play fun games with baby, when one is cleaning.  He enjoys seeing all the action going on at Grandmother's house.

We garden together, hang clothes on the line, wash dishes, sing hymns, sweep floors, and wash the high-chair tray!  Well, I do all those things while baby watches.  (Much like when I am helping Mister with his stuff, He does all the work, while I stand nearby.)  It's really the being together that is wonderful.

Part of playing with babies and children most certainly happens while we are living our normal, daily life.  We just bring the children along in our activities, making our work and our days delightful.

Mrs. White

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Anonymous said...

I needed this today. I have 3 children 5 and under, soon to have 4 with 3 of them being ages 2.5 and under! I struggle to let them help, and not push them away because I can do it faster (and 'better') myself. -Brianna

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying your grandchild. You have a sweet spirit.
Harvest Lane Cottage

Unknown said...

Boy does this make me think back just a few years ago. I used to do most everything with baby on my back in her ergo. It's amazing how much quieter work can be when baby is close and cuddled to mom!

Karen Andreola said...

I like the photograph you found.
Isn't it neat to have someone so young watch you do chores and think "wow that's interesting." I remember my mother letting me use the cake mixer (when I was old enough.) I held the mixer and swirled it around the bowl, scraping the sides with the spatula, just I had watched her do it so many times. (My mom always had a cake on hand). For Christmas she bought me an "Easy-Bake Oven." It was a silly little oven that cooked a tiny serving for one but I felt special.
Karen A.