Thursday, December 22, 2016

Spreading Christmas Cheer

The Front Grounds of Mrs. White's Vermont Estate - December 2016

I was in the most beautiful house this morning.  It is a historic house in a small city of Vermont, not far from where I live.  It is being used as a business with an office for a local professional.  Yet, it looks just like a home from a Dickens' novel.

There was a set of double doors to start with. This led us to a small enclosed room and another large door.  Soon we were in the entryway.  To the left we saw a mirrored rack with a place for umbrellas. Garland and delicate holiday lights were all around.  There was a red bench by a window for guests to wait.  A large staircase with a beautiful wooden banister was decorated with red bows and garland.  All along the wall leading to the upstairs rooms, there were old paintings and historic pictures.  Underneath it all, I could see some peeling paint and old finishings. This only added to the charm.

I sat on the bench to wait.  Looking off ahead, there was a door ajar letting me see a blazing fire in an old fireplace. I saw a pretty couch and chair with afghans and white lace over them.  There were stockings by the fire and an incredible ambiance of a Dickens' Christmas home.

I was in awe of all the time and effort it took to decorate the old house to delight all who entered there.  It was absolutely lovely and peaceful!

Back at home, I am listening to Christmas music and doing some baking. I made a white cake for one of my children who has a Christmas birthday. Tomorrow I will be making homemade sugar cookies and fudge.  These will be placed in wax paper lined boxes and given as gifts to my family as they are able to come by to visit, over the next few days.

On Christmas morning, I will be making a special breakfast to share with my grandchildren.  In the afternoon, I will serve a nice dinner to delight the family.

 This is my small way of spreading Christmas cheer.

Have a Merry Christmas!


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Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Merry Christmas Mrs. White,

The home you visited today sounds absolutely marvelous. I too did some baking today ... snowman cupcakes, butter pecan cookies (both recipes on my blog), red velvet cookies and cinnamon spice cookies.
Praying y'all enjoy a Blessed Christmas,

Tammy said...

Your visit sounds wonderful. I love old homes dressed up for holidays.

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs White and family,
May younall have a peacful and blessed Christmas. Thank you for all your encouraging writings thay are a blessing to me. Look forward to reading your blog in the new year.
Best regards
And Christian love
Shelley p
From over the pond

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Sounds wonderful to me! I've got to double check my lists, then make a last trip to the store this morning. This afternoon, I'll watch an old Christmas movie, maybe The Bishop's Wife or the old Miracle on 34th Street, or maybe It's a Wonderful Life... whichever suits my fancy, while I wrap the few gifts I'm giving my family.

May your Christmas be merry and bright and filled with love of Jesus and love of family.


Regina said...

What a beautiful sounding home! Oh the blessings of being a homemaker. Have a very Merry Christmas Mrs. White.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Mrs. White- to you and yours.
God bless you!

Deanna said...

A lovely way to spread Christmas CHEER with fudge!
My husband has a Christmas Eve birthday.
May your child have a wonderful birthday and a blessed year.
God Bless,