Friday, April 7, 2017

All Dressed Up to Keep House

Library of Congress:  May 1942, California Housewife

One of the nicest things we can do to make home a happy place is to get dressed up.  It was common for housewives to put on a pretty "house" dress and a nice apron each morning.   The work of vacuuming, polishing furniture, and straightening drapes is much more fun to do when one looks pretty and has a pleasant attitude.

I have a lilac - scented candle that sets a nice mood during the day for when I am cleaning or cooking.  Somehow, those little extra efforts of making the house look nice, and making oneself look extra pretty, brings a cheerfulness to the home.

Right now it is considered "mud season" here in rural Vermont.  The outdoors are not very pretty and that can get us down.  It is so important to take some time to make the indoors look inviting and cared - about.  If we take the time to brighten our appearance and the appearance of our homes, it will help prevent those depressing feelings we can get when there isn't enough fresh air and sunshine.

Mrs. White

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Willemien said...

It's true! Thank you Miss White! I love your blog so much!

JES the Pilgrim said...

So very true! Thank you for the encouragement :)

Mrs.O said...

I have a sweet pea candle that I have been lighting throughout the day. I have been trying to make it last!
I find even if I rotate between just 2-3 pretty outfits per week I can present myself pleasant looking to my family. I didn't always do this, but I have found it make such a big difference in everyone's outlook and attitude. Always happy to see a Mrs.White post!!( Smiles)

Laura Lane said...

You're so right. I'm going to go and take a little extra time with my appearance—especially since hubby is home today. I have bills, laundry, food inventory, menu planning, and grocery shopping to keep me busy today.

Be blessed my friend!
Laura Lane
Harvest Lane Cottage

Sue said...

Thank you Mrs white I haven't thought about doing this. I think I will give it a try. I really love your blog. I am learning all sorts of things from you and Jess. Some of us did not grow up in a happy home so many of these concepts are new and delightful.
Be blessed even as you bless others.
Sue x

Linda Newell said...

Thank you for the reminder, Mrs.White.Sometimes we forget to give a little extra care in our appearance when it's just our family.

Anonymous said...

I have been trying to watch my appearance, too! My mother taught me we have everyday clothing (that looked bad so you don't have to worry if you get stains on them) going away clothing and church clothes. Well, the everyday looking is things that really do not look nice or not fit well.

I have learned that really isn't good because it does play with the attitude. However, I am afraid to get better clothing messed up! I have bought an apron so that way I don't splash it up when cooking. One day I did dress up and my children thought I was going away!

I really like your blog.

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, I truly think it makes a huge difference in our mood, if you do not take a shower and do your hair and wear nice clothing you feel down. Even a necklace or a nice top can be a little uplifting.

Everyday I try to make something look fresh and pretty!

Blessings, Roxy

Michele Morin said...

Oh, the loveliness of scented candles and a home atmosphere!

Debby in KS said...

Great post! I have also found that an apron is like a working uniform to me. I have an old old one that my mom made in HS in the 1950's. She was petite and I was taller than her by the time I was 10! I lengthened it, added to the neck ties, and it fits pretty well. I feel good when I wear it and it protects my clothes. I don't wear make-up at home, but I always pull my hair back in a nice way.

I've seen pics of my mother in law and she looks just like Donna Reed. And she had nine kids! If she can do it, I have no excuses. When I asked her about it, she said that she loved looking nice and had cleaning housedresses that she wore. She said it might be a dress that was a couple of years old, but still in good condition. Or it might have a stain so she could cover it up with an apron! She said it was pretty common where she lived as neighbors might just stop in for a few minutes for a chat and cup of coffee. She was certainly dressed well enough to receive guests!

Michelle said...

Oh yes! The simple act of caring for ourselves and our homes changes our mindset in so many ways. Thank you for the inspiration, I shall change my approach and see how I feel.

Jennifer said...

Thank you for the reminder. I do try to look nice for my children although I don't necessarily do my hair like I would for going out. How you're dressed really does affect your attitude.

Patty B said...

This article is so true! It's the little touches here and there that truly make a house into a home. As for house dresses - I just love them! What passes for dresses these days can be very disappointing. I remember all the house dresses my Mom and Grandmother wore - bright and flowered and cheerful. I recently purchased a vintage house dress pattern online and sewed several dresses for myself so that I could look like the homemakers of the past that I remember so well. I sewed them in beautiful floral prints. And I hear you on the mud season thing - it is really hard to keep floors and shoes clean during these times. We live at the very end of three miles of dirt roads, and the mud season lasts quite a while up here.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mrs. White. I have purchased all of your wonderful books and have them stashed in different places(like the car for when I am waiting). They are lovely and I highly recommend them to your followers!
bless you,

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