Sunday, April 30, 2017

Harney and Sons - Mother's Tray Gift

Mother's Tray Gift Pack from Harney and Sons

I received a beautiful package in the mail.  It is from the company "Harney and Sons."  It is a gift set called "Mother's Tray Gift" and is just lovely for Mother's Day!

The sturdy box was wrapped with a pretty pink ribbon.  There was a slide out tray on the side of the box. This contained the presents, which includes:

1. A gorgeous pink, decorative tin.  The cover says, "Louis Sherry" New York.   It is sealed with a sticker with the year 1881.  When the lid is opened, there is a cover paper with a few pictures and the words "Sea Salt Caramel" and "Sicilian Orange."   There are two chocolate treats inside. They both taste amazingly delicious!

2. Six single serve packets of raw sugar.   I used one in my cup of tea and it is wonderful!

3. A beautiful little tin with pretty floral decorations on the cover. Inside it holds three packets of the most delicious smelling tea!  It is lovely! Each loose tea is held inside a silken sachet.  You can make two cups of tea for each sachet.

4. Tea infused Lip Balm.  The flavor is "cherry berry" and it is organic and vegan. The size is 4.4 mL.  It has a barely light pleasant scent.  It goes on smooth and has a gentle shine.

In addition to this Mother's Tray Gift, I received three packets of tea, including "Chamomile" "Organic English Breakfast" and "Hot Cinnamon Spice." These smell and taste wonderful!

Harney and Sons are makers of fine tea and are master tea blenders. Their offerings are elegant. Their products are special treats!

They offer assorted teas, treats, and gift items.

Be sure to visit their site and watch their short Mother's Day video on their home page.  It shows their beautiful tea tins being re-used as planters. It also shows them serving tea with a beautiful tea set.

* Disclosure - I received this item for review purposes.  It was a blessing to receive and I hope my readers are able to purchase some for themselves. To find out more about my commercial breaks, please see my disclosure page. *


Unknown said...

How lovely Mrs. White. Christmas in April!

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful, I will certainly check that out!

Lady Locust said...

That cinnamon one is delicious for midmorning in winter - yum. What a lovely package of goodies.

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

What a lovely review item! I'm so happy for you. You are a very good reviewer. I hope you can do more reviews to get some little extras and fun things.
Be blessed my friend!
Mrs. Laura Lane
Carthage, Missouri

Jennifer said...

How very wonderful to receive this item for review! It sounds absolute delicious! What a wonderful company!

Anonymous said...

Harney & Sons is one of the best tea companies in the world and even provides tea for the Royal houses of England. You received quite a treasure in the mail when you got this. Our family loves tea and this is one of the great brands out there. Enjoy!