Sunday, October 22, 2017

Review - When Calls The Heart on DVD

When Calls the Heart - The Heart of Faith - Movie 1, season 4

I have been watching several episodes of "When Calls the Heart" on DVD.  This is a series shown on the Hallmark channel, which is also available for purchase on DVD.  I have been enjoying the program very much.

The series begins with a young woman, Elizabeth, who travels to Hope Valley to become the town's school teacher. She comes from a very wealthy, upstanding family.  The new life she begins takes quite a bit of getting used to, but she does it with dignity, poise, and grace.

The program is like watching a lovely civilized western, where the buildings are beautifully decorated and the majority of the residents have upstanding characters.  It is refreshing to watch.

The clothing is beautifully made and will inspire, I am sure, some designers to make similar wardrobes for those of us today who would love to dress in such a charming way.

Each "Movie" on DVD, from each season, has a specific plot that we get to enjoy.  It is resolved by the end of each episode so you are not left wondering what will happen next.  At the same time, we look forward to the next program so we can follow the lives of the people we get to know and love. 

I love that there is a church and a pastor in this town.  I love the cafĂ©, which is a classy establishment run by a gracious hostess.  The school teacher is cheerful and pleasant and is wonderful with the children.  Most of the men in town have strong moral characters. They work hard, are committed to their duties in life, and are protective and caring of those in the community.

At times, in some of the episodes, there are moments when a female character is eager to take on work that is commonly done by men in the town. For instance, a gentleman will offer to help chop wood, but the lady wants to do it herself.  The lady does it cheerfully and with a smile.  The men take it graciously.  However, I would love to see one of the ladies accept this help.  It would be good to encourage such gallant behavior in men, and thankfully accept their kindness when possible.  

I love that they talk of faith in God and pray in each episode.  It is refreshing to see such a program which is produced by Michael Landon, Jr.   The program is inspired by the novel, "When Calls the Heart" by Janette Oke.

The scenery is, at times, breathtaking.  The town is beautiful to watch, and the writing is well done.  At times, viewers will cry, smile, sit on the edge of their seat in suspense, and be inspired.

A Bonus:

Movie 1, from season 4, is a Christmas special. The title is "When Calls the Heart - The Heart of Faith."  Included in this DVD is a Bible study. It can be accessed by putting the DVD into your computer and getting the files.  These can be printed for personal use, or shared with others in a group study.  It is approximately 30 pages long.  The study has 15 short sections for discussion based on clips from the movie.  There are Bible verses, questions, and room for notes and personal reflection.  This is very well done!

*Disclosure - I received this for review purposes.*


Mrs.O said...

I have long been curious about this series. Thank you. I have been a little hesitant because, quite frankly I have just about had enough of feminism seeping and taking over SO MUCH. Interesting you mentioned the wood cutting scene.
I still would watch it. We have been watching many 80's series lately, certainly feminism in those, but I LOVE the clothes and homes(most of them).
I grew up in the 80's.
It is shocking to count how many women were dressed nicely and in skirts and dresses in these shows. We have made a bit of a game of it (counting). Even their purses are feminine and sweetly over their shoulders or holding a clutch, ladylike. Unlike many today carrying a boyish backpack.

Sorry, went off subject a bit(smiles)


Debby in Kansas said...

When my mom lived with us, she wanted cable so she paid for it. She loved the Hallmark channel. While we had it, we found When Calls the Heart and we loved it. We've so missed it and I would love to find a place we could rent the DVDs.

Hallmark also did some movies that I recommend. The first was Love Comes Softly. The faith of the leading man's character is inspiring. It seems like I was told that those were also based on Janette Oke's books, but I'm not sure.

Regina said...

I just started watching this today on Netflix as I've been wanting to watch this. I'm watching episode 2 season 1. I'm really liking this show and I'm glad you posted a review of the show. Thank you!

Regina said...

I going to avoid reading your entire post in case there is a spoiler. (smile)On Netflix there is a spoiler cast photo that I'm trying to avoid trying to figure out since I'm now watching season 2. Netflix currently has seasons 1-3. I admit I'm now hooked on this show.

Mrs. White said...

Mrs. O,
I feel exactly the same way! Thank you for saying what so many of us are thinking!

That is wonderful that your mom enjoyed the show! I have also seen "Love Comes Softly" and thought it was very good.

I am so happy that you are enjoying the show!