Thursday, May 31, 2018

A Covered Bridge and Graceful Living in Rural Vermont

A Covered Bridge on a Back Road in Rural Vermont - Photograph taken by Mrs. White's Daughter

For the past few weeks, I have been going on little journeys with my oldest daughter and her two small children. These are for necessary appointments and errands.  We have been driving through the beautiful rural countryside.  The scenery is so peaceful and pretty.

On a recent drive, in a spot where there was virtually no traffic, I asked if she would stop and take a picture of a covered bridge before we drove through. (She has a better quality camera than I do. - gentle smiles.)

I have been focusing on the beauty of our surroundings, rather than worrying about the housekeeping I need to do back at home.  Sometimes I will return home and get right to work on sweeping, laundry, and making things look inviting and comfortable.  Since I have been going out so often lately it is extra tiring.  I have to keep reminding myself it is okay to take a nap when I need to, even in the passenger seat of the car on our little drives.

Over the years I have learned to find a way to keep our home neat no matter how busy we are.  This does not mean things are always spotless.  Everyone makes messes every single day.  The neatness has something to do with being graceful and in being a lady.  We work hard to keep our dignity and manners.  Our homes need similar attention.

Good manners and gracefulness means that we take time throughout the day to tidy up, to cheerfully smile as we make a pretty home out of routine messes. We sweep the kitchen floor a few times a day.  We wipe down the kitchen table and counters after each snack or meal.  We do the dishes and make the bed before accepting an invitation to go out.  We do this because it is good manners and because it what a gracious lady would do.

But this all can get very tiring if Mother does not know how to work in a slow and steady way.  She will get stressed and wear out if she does not remember to take precious little breaks.  These can be rides in the countryside with the family, or they can be an afternoon rest on the front porch.  A little walk in the garden after morning tea is a lovely way to take a break.

A routine of resting after creating beauty in one's home will bring peace and contentment.  This is like a bit of culture and quiet to nourish our daily lives.

Mrs. White

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Amelia said...

Oh my....That photo says Peace. Beautiful!

Loved the wonderful reminders, it's so true. We must have a margin in our lives, just as a page has a margin.

Lovely thoughts as usual. : )

Love, Amelia

Debbie Harris said...

Lovely thoughts and so very true. There is a gracious beauty to behold in the home of a lady who keeps it clean and tidy, yet, comfortable for the enjoyment of the family. A home in order brings peace.
Your photo depicts such a quaint place of peace and solitude, gorgeous!

Bless you~

Linda said...

I agree, Mrs.White, the bridge has such an old-fashioned and peaceful look to it.
I am so glad to see you posting again.

Suzanne said...

I do love Vermont and I take little trips there several times a year to renew and refresh. The countryside always calms me down. xx

Sam Dyson Huddersfield said...

I enjoy reading your posts, Mrs. White! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. White! Thank you for your blog. I appreciate the Motherly advice and inspiration. Your words feel like a big hug!!
God Bless You!

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Thank you for giving permission to pace ourselves a bit. As I am still recovering from my cancer treatments, I've had to take naps an rest breaks often. Sometimes I rest a lot, sometimes a little as I feel the need.
God bless you. It is a lovely bridge.
Laura Lane
Carthage, Missouri

Anonymous said...

Great article, just what I was looking for.