Friday, October 18, 2019

Peaceful Homemaking

Library of Congress:  New Bedford, Massachusetts family in 1942

Lately, I have been too tired to do the shopping.  I have been running low on many supplies for the kitchen. Each day I would think, "well I better go to the store tomorrow."  But somehow, I came up with an idea of what to bake and cook so I could stay at home. I was too weary to do errands.  I wanted to put off the shopping as long as possible. I am also struggling with the grocery money this month. So many bills come to us in the Fall months.  We just paid our annual property taxes. The insurance on the house needs to be taken care of in the coming weeks.  I need to save up for these big expenses. I have to make do with what I have on hand, as much as possible, right now.

In order to save money I have been extra busy in the kitchen.  One day I made homemade Italian bread to go with a simple spaghetti dinner.  The fresh baked bread helps fill everyone up.  It was a great deal of work but we all enjoyed it very much.

I baked muffins, brownies, and a simple white cake.  There was always some kind of home-baked treat for the family. I love homemade food, especially to enjoy during tea breaks.

Through all the work, I find the greatest happiness in hearing precious old time sermons on my kitchen radio.  I have a CD by Dr. Clyde Box, called, "A Faithful Man- Who Can Find?" This is old southern preaching.  I also listen to Dr. Charles Stanley.  I love the beautiful, inspiring words that give one an incredible sense of peace and joy in life.  This is what I look forward to doing while I am baking and cooking and cleaning - hearing the old gospel preaching that comforts the soul.

Each morning I wonder what I can cook for the family. Each day I am amazed that even though I have no money in my purse this week, the Lord helps me come up with an idea of what I can make from my limited pantry.  I have not been in need at all, and I am so thankful.

My grown children and grandchildren visit me often. I love offering them food from my kitchen. I will happily cook and bake and work hard to give them comfort and happiness. Food makes us happy! It is a blessing!  Even though we live simply and do not have very much, I am grateful.

These days, I think we need encouragement in trusting God for our daily bread. I think we need to focus on our homemaking and be careful with what we already have in the pantry.   Our culture seems to constantly distract us into doing projects that are the latest trend, or that we should be buying the latest gadget, or trying out the latest new recipe. All the while we are overwhelmed with ads and commercials.   These things should not consume our everyday thinking.  It will take away our feeling of contented peace.  I would love to read more about homemakers who are just peacefully, and sweetly, keeping the home.

I love remembering the old days of my childhood.  My mother always made a good dinner each night at the same time.  It was the quiet hour of the day. The world was shut out for a time.   I always felt safe and comforted to be home.  I hope we mothers of today can give that same feeling to our own families.

Mrs. White

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Joyful said...

I love this post as it reminds me what I've been going through over many months. The needs just seem to outpace the income. But our God is so good and he has also stretched my provisions with no seeming hardship to me. I've been cooking more than I usually do and lots of things I don't usually make. We have been enjoying our meals more so I think too. I believe the Lord is speaking to many of us about relying on him and trusting him for "our daily bread" as he has taught us that is how to pray. God bless you Mrs. White.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Good morning dear Mrs. White ~ another inspiring post from you, thank you. I enjoy cooking and baking, although not as much since God took my dear husband home almost 7 years ago. Cooking for one, just isn't the same. I am getting read to make up some oatmeal raisin cookies for two youngish men who helped me with boarding up my house for Hurricane Dorian. ~ This morning, I need to fold and put away two loads of laundry before heading off to a leaders meeting for GriefShare. Our next session will start in Dec. ~ Thanks again for your helpful tips and encouragement ~ have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

Amelia said...

Oh so peaceful to read. ...And I agree. The dinner time table, even if it's just my husband and I is a safe place and a peaceful one. That is one thing I always looked forward to with our four daughters. Now they come visit and we sit and drink coffee and such...We just celebrated my husband's birthday with a simple pasta dinner. I made the pasta gravy and pasta, one daughter brought the garlic bread, one daughter brought ice and disposables, one daughter brought a chocolate cake and ice cream, my mother made a salad and it was really sweet. Just a simple meal eaten with joy and gladness out on our screen porch.

I love reading your blog, I can so relate, it has become hard for me to go the grocery store too, it's such a huge load it seems. I try to go when my husband is home so he can help unload but it's still a lot, it can be fun in my smalltown but it is wearing too.

There are some young couples brought up in Christian homes who my girls know, spend money that they don't have and then wonder why they have no money, these young couples have the latest very expensive phones and computers, cable, and payments on two cars etc. My daughters will try to gently share but sometimes it's to no avail. I think back on the sacrifices made in our home for long term goals and to assure that I stayed home even if it meant I had no car at times. Those were lean times but now we see the fruit and our girls know to do without, they too now caring for their sweet babies living that peaceful life. : ) Peace and joy with God. Sometimes it's hard but it can be done.

What a lovely entry, your thoughts ring so very true to me. Oh that I had some neighbors that were like you Mrs. White!

Blessings to you dear one. ~Amelia

Billie Jo said...

What a lovely post.
Family dinner is so very important to us as well.
We gather around our table almost every night. All seven of us!
We did the same when I was a younger girl in my mother's bright yellow kitchen.
I used to enjoy shopping, especially when I had a youngster in the cart!
Now, not so much.
We have online ordering here.
Sometimes I utilize that, and one of my teenagers picks it up!
Thank you for another cozy post, my friend.

Jenny said...

I can relate to this post. My husband recently became self-employed so money is tight for our family right now. On top of that, I gave birth to our fourth child a week ago. I had prepared freezer meals for my family but I'm also preparing meals with what we have in our pantry. The meals may not be what we want for dinner, but they are meals that keep us fed and nourished.

Thank you for your encouraging words.

Elizabethd said...

I am one of the fortunate ones who in the post war years, watched my grandmother and my mother eke out supplies. In England those years were not easy and most people lived on what they grew. A good lesson for us.
I feel sad when I see young people loading their shopping trolleys down with convenience food, with ready meals. I know it cant be easy if both husband and wife are working, but as an ex teacher I know that forward planning made it possible to eat well without spending too much.
The art of homemaking is not one that is favoured so much here, but it has so much to recommend it.
That was such a lovely post, Mrs White, and I did enjoy reading it.

Gabrielle said...

There is something so sweet about not being consumed with what the world has to offer. I love being home and feeding my family, too. My husband at times will say "you're amazing, you've made something out of nothing" when I make meals with this or that I find in my pantry. It was lovely to read you do the same at times. One thing that has helped me a lot has been grocery pick-up. I just keep the same favorites list on the app of the store and order what I'm low of. It has made that job so much simpler. When we arrive home, my children and I get busy organizing the already cleaned and prepared refrigerator and pantry with our new food items. I try to do this on Tuesdays as it is the day I like to clean the refrigerator.
Having my mind on my home, and husband and children keeps me from the distractions of the world and focused on what the Lords work is for me. It also takes away the anxiety that comes with it all. I certainly am more at peace while I am home, not only ou in body, but in mind and soul, too!

Deanna said...

Stopping by to say hello. You do beautifully at homemaking. Creating balanced meals and providing a clean/organized HOME is a ministry. You are precious!
Blessings to you,

Christine said...

Oh... you bring me comfort just reading your thoughts! They are from your heart and they bring me joy.

When we had children at home, I would often, "shop my pantry". God is good!
Like you, the table was always full of hot food for those around it. Next day, same thing! God is so good!

Your children and grandchildren are blessed to have you share your love. ❤

Laura Jeanne said...

Thank you for this post, I enjoyed it. It is a pleasure indeed to find meals you can make from what is already in the house, without shopping - it almost feels like you're getting something for free. :)

Rue said...

You always make me feel so peaceful when I visit you, Mrs. White. Thank you for bringing me and others so much joy through your posts. I strive to be more like you.


Sarah Coller said...

Yes! I'm feeling such a need to simplify in all areas. Thanks for the encouragement, friend!

Julie said...

What a lovely post. You said that you would love to read more about homemakers who are just peacefully, sweetly, keeping the home. Here are a couple of links to a few of "Laine's Letters", which you may have read before, but if not, you are in for a treat!

Julie said...

This site has more of "Laine's Letters", for some peaceful reading about loving your family and keeping the home. Enjoy!

Lady Locust said...

You are very right; home is sooo important and nourishes us as much or more than a good stew. My last few posts have been focused on "an old fashioned home."
I will post the link, but if that is poor manners in blogland, please feel free to remove it.

Thank you to the other commenters for the link suggestions also - I'm off to go check them out:-) A positive read is so uplifting.

happyathome said...

Dear Mrs White- like others i found this post peaceful and encouraging. While we are better off financially than we used to be i really struggle to go out and to the supermarket. Today i wondered what to give Dh for dinner and had 2 ( smallish)pieces of cooked stewing steak left over from a casserole last night so i cut them smaller and added onion, carrot and some of the gravy and water and cooked it again until the veg were soft then thickened it. Put mashed potato and grated cheese on top and popped it in the oven for a little while and there was more than enough for dinner and it tasted good. I am trying to get away from the habit of going to the supermarket each week. Karen- NZ

Robyn said...

I absolutely love your blog and this post. We too have been struggling with money, actually we always are but the last few months it just seems like I am bleeding money we do not have. I have so much I need to pay for next month and I have a couple major repairs that need to be done on my home I simply just do not know where it will all come from. I am relying on the Lord.. Your post has inspired me to make a change. The last two months, our running out of money, if I am being honest, is my own fault. I was spending money on "little purchases" that I didn't need. I have got to STOP this.. Those little purchases add up quickly!.. This coming month I want to try with all Ive got not to do this and if I am successful then maybe we will actually make it through the month without having to borrow against next months money.. Thank you for posting this!

Patti said...

Thank you for your recent visit to my blog. It's nice to meet you.

I've been saving on my grocery budget lately, and it really is amazing what you can come up with from the items in the pantry. We eat a lot of burrito bowls, with rice, corn, and beans, and maybe just a little bit of sauteed shrimp or chicken.

Patti @ This Beautiful Life

Vee said...

The longer we can stay away from the store, the better off our pocketbooks will be. How wonderful that you have been able to work from your freezer and pantry to provide wonderful treats and delicious meals. Eventually, that store trip will happen; until then, well done!