Thursday, March 3, 2022

A Home to Keep

"Home for the Holidays" by Todd Williams


I heard the sound of birds chirping in the trees. These are snow birds and are so sweet. The snow is steadily falling and making our scenery so white and lovely.  The singing of the birds adds to the beauty of our winter days.  

As I worked throughout the house today, I kept looking out the window at the peaceful landscape.  We live in a rural New England village.  It is a beautiful time of year for a quiet rest and the enjoyment of home.  Our wood stove is running, keeping us cozy, while we go about the chores.

 I am grateful to have a home to keep. The work of homemaking provides a sanctuary of rest from the outside world.   I ironed a fresh tablecloth to put on the parlour table. I did some vacuuming, the regular kitchen work, and organized my desk. There is always dusting to do, or some work to pretty up the house. These little tasks bring me happiness and a feeling of contentment. 

The grandchildren have been frequent guests at our old Estate. They love to help with the housekeeping.  One of the grand-girls was looking for something to do.  I asked her, "Would you like to carpet - sweep the parlour?"  She was delighted!  Her brother looked interested so I gave him the option to do another chore.  We have all different sized brooms in our kitchen. There is a child's size one that is much enjoyed by the children. We also have a sturdy, tall one which was made by the Amish.  I said to my grandson, "Would you like to sweep the kitchen floor? You can use any broom you like."  He eagerly went off to work!  The children have fun with the housekeeping tools. They also love to help me set the table for lunch, and to tidy up after the meals. Grandchildren are the joy of my life.

On quiet days, when there is no company, I keep busy doing small chores throughout the day.  I have tea breaks, little rests to read in a comfortable chair, and special times of just sitting and watching an old black-and-white comedy on DVD.  I will manage the bills and finances in the early hours of the morning.  Then I read my Bible and pray, enjoying the precious time of rest for the soul. 

There is joy in ordinary living.


Mrs. White

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Cate Nunan said...

Hello Mrs White,

It is such a delight to read a post from you. I am doing similar things, bits of cleaning and tidying, arranging the $6 yellow roses that I found at 85% off into a vase. These things do make a home and they are vital to the wellbeing of us all. My granddaughter loves to vacuum and dusts as well as help 'with the jobs, Grandma' and they are never too young to be involved. I hope you are keeping well.


Cate from wet and windy Australia.

Amelia said...

Amen, Mrs. White. There truly is such beautiful contentment in the God given sweet ordinary life. I fully agree and can relate to everything you said here. Oh just my grandbabies calling me...MiMi in such a sweet little angelic voice. There's nothing like it on this side of Heaven.

Beautiful entry!

SCR said...

It is always a joy and an inspiration to read your posts. I find contentment and feel blessed. This world brings such depression and no hope, I can easily let it overcome me but your posts are so uplifting. Please don't ever stop.

living from glory to glory said...

Taking joy in our families and homemaking is so peaceful and fulfilling. If you had all the money in the world and no peace and calm and our Holy Bibles and a cup of tea, we would be sad a lonely person.
I remember having a small child's broom and I used to sweep off my Grandma's front porch.
Blessings, Roxy

Billie Jo said...

Yes, I agree. I enjoy being in my home, doing daily tasks, and keeping the outside chaos outside. Thank you for always offering comfort and validation for those of us who love our vocation.

Marilyn @ MountainTopSpice said...

Truly there is so much joy in the winter season. I find I look forward to the rest winter brings, as the rest of the seasons are so busy. How wonderful to engage your grandchildren in the daily chores around the house! There is something so calming about doing daily housekeeping chores. We are seeing signs of spring here in our world... now the season of "mud" is upon us! I have tulips, daffodils and crocus peeking up through the ground, and the world continues on its due cycle. How grateful I am for this, it brings me peace :)

Shani said...

Your posts are always so soothing to read and serve to remind me to turn my gaze back into my home. I am guilty of getting distracted by other things, but I can always find peace within my own home.

I love the stories of your grandchildren; how sweet they sound.

Warm thoughts to you and Mr. White,