Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Afternoon Tea for Homemakers

September Song

This afternoon,
I am just starting to get my energy up. It is drizzling rain outdoors. I am getting ready to clean up my kitchen and listen to some precious gospel music. When my housework is finished, I will enjoy a pleasant break.

It is tea time in the afternoon, for homemakers.
We must be happy and amiable.

What will you have today? Peppermint Tea? Chai? Or Apple Cinnamon?

Will you serve sugar cookies, strawberry-fudge cake or raspberry scones?

Have a delightful rest!

Mrs. White


Julie Glover said...

Breanna and I made your yummy cookies this rainy day! I think they will be becoming a family favorite!

Deanna said...

Dear Mrs. White,
Oh goodness gracious!!! This Tea with Dessert sounds awesome.

Pray you are gaining your strength.

Today was a beautiful day here in Kansas...77 degrees with a mild breeze. Wonderful.

A very sweet week to you,

Anita said...

I'll take the peppermint tea and the sugar cookies, please! The scones sound delicious as well. Do you have any lemon curd? I need to plan a tea party soon!

Michelle said...

This week we have been enjoying Earl Grey tea and English breakfast tea. We have also been eating my son's Red Velvet sandwich cookies--well, all that were left over from Boy Scout Court of Honor Tuesday evening, anyway! ;)

Cassidy said...

Can you share how to make chai tea in an upcoming post or to me in email? (AThankfulMommy@gmail.com) I enjoy hot tea but do not know how to make it. Smiles, Cass (and thank you!)

Laura Lane said...

An afternoon tea time is a terrific idea! I think I'll get a china cup out of the closet. Do you have a favorite china teacup?

Be blessed!
Mrs. Laura

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