Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cozy, Snowy, Spring Evening in Vermont

April in Old Aspen

A few days ago,
we had the loveliest spring weather. I have been cleaning my house and getting ready for warmth and outdoor activities. I even found my clothes-pins and could not wait to hang laundry on the line, out back near our river. Can you imagine how peaceful it is to stand out there with freshly washed clothes, while the sound of rushing water echoes in the wind? I wanted to see my children playing while I worked. I wanted to see my parents (who live with us) working on the garden and tending flowers, staying home, happy to be on our "Vermont Estate." But then something happened...

Of course it was expected.. But it still startled me nonetheless. Snow began to fall. Then I got excited! Mr. White turned on our wood pellet stove and we watched the falling snow out the window. It is lovely! I am now cozy and warm in the house and getting ready to tidy up my kitchen.

Hope all is well in your homes. Have a delightful evening!

Mrs. White


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