Friday, July 3, 2009

At Mother's House

The other night, I walked downstairs and into my Mother's house (my parents live with us in another section of our large, old house). Everything was dim. Dad was in the recliner watching television. I went into the kitchen. A small light, under the stove -top was on. The kitchen was sparkling clean. The screen doors let in the cool, fresh, Vermont, evening air. Then I saw Mother sitting in her room. She was all settled down at the end of a nice day. She had finished all her housework and was as happy as could be. All I wanted to do, in that cozy place, was sit down and have a nice cup of hot tea! It was so welcoming!

Now, I have to make my house as clean as hers...... So I am back in my own section of the house organizing and cleaning............

Mrs. White


Deanna said...

What a treat it is to be able to visit with Moms in their clean haven. I'm striving to get back to having a clean home. It's an act of love.

May you have a sparkling 4th of July.
God Bless,

Tovah said...

That is such a lovely image. Thank you for sharing with us.