Saturday, July 11, 2009

Vermont Summer Evenings

It is very cool here. At this moment it is pouring rain. It is the most beautiful sight you could ever see. . . I look out my window at the front property and see all the rain falling on the beautiful Vermont landscape. I am cozy indoors.

Summer evenings in Vermont are like being on vacation. It is rarely hot. . . There are cool mountain breezes. . . The green grass glistens with the setting sun.

I have never seen so many rainbows in the sky. They literally span for 30 to 50 feet across, way up in the clouds.

One evening, a couple of years ago, we were driving down a country highway (back roads in Vermont). The rain had just ended. The vision before us was breathtaking. A very brightly colored rainbow had a "shadow" or "echo" of another rainbow directly behind it. It had to be over 50 feet in width. Imagine that image as you are driving down the road, while the sun is setting, with vast, peaceful farmland all around you.

What a blessing it is to be here.
Thank God!

- Mrs. White


The Machinist's Wife said...

Oh, I could easily live in Vermont! I can just picture your garden and surrounding landscape and how beautiful it must look. I especially love to see the misty rain which summer brings. In Africa, we would be able to actually drive through the rain curtain; part of the road wet, the other, dry. Oh, and the rainbows. Always big and bold and often double.

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