Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quote from 1882 on Home Economics

"Remember to speak quietly. A gentle, low but distinct tone may be heard more easily than a loud, rough one.

Try especially to speak gently to children. They will quickly copy a loud voice. Do not accustom the voice to use angry tones.

Let home table manners be as polished as possible. Forget self, and be thoughtful of the feelings of others.

If the law of unselfish kindness could once be thoroughly understood and practiced, if all, particularly the young, could realize the rich reward for every kind act and would try to perform these acts,much would be gained towards rendering a family happy."

Taken from "Household Economy - A Manual for Use in Schools" 1882


simplebeauty said...

I never felt that I was a loud person. Until my toddler started repeating things I say. We are both working on not speaking so "sassy" as i put it!

Thanks for joining in the contest! Have a blessed day!

FlowerLady said...

Those are some nice thoughts on how to be.


Deanna said...

Blessings to you!
Liked this sweet read.
What a great approach for today.

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