Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Bible on the Kitchen Table

Bible and Roses

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During the Sabbath, I have a beautiful white lace tablecloth on my kitchen table. It is a sign for the family to remember this is a special, set-apart, day.

When the Sabbath ended, I tidied up the house and lit a candle. I placed a Bible on the table. It sat near the candle and glowed in the flickering light. I placed my hand over the top, and noticed the name. It belonged to my youngest son (12). I opened the pages and saw some notes. They were written by Grandpa (age 70). At the end of the notes, he had signed his name with love.

There is a tradition in our family. Each grandchild, on their 10th birthday, receives a new, large - print Bible with their name on the cover. Grandpa writes some loving notes inside - notes to help each child through life, by clinging to the Lord and his precious laws.

Right now, this witness..... this heritage.... this legacy.... sits on my kitchen table, under the candlelight and brings us all great joy.

Mrs. White


cherie said...

what a beautiful tradition.

Gail said...

What a legacy.

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