Friday, September 4, 2009

Just a Regular Mom

I have been doing a little bit of reading today. I am seeing a lot of godly Mothers who are very busy at home. They seem to be doing it all. They are super organized, have home businesses, have great goals and accomplish them, have sweet looking children and are amazing.

But, you know what? I am exhausted reading about their lives, their teachings, their lessons and their devotions. I am tired.

I am just a regular mom. I live a quiet life. I love cleaning my house. I love making a home. I adore my children and I am grateful that they ALL adore me back. I have a 21 year old who still calls me "Mommy." I am happy in my quiet simple life. I do not have any ambitions. I have no strength for that. My children's home-education has consisted of the basics, and lots of Bible. They are all very hard working children who take care of me.

I was thinking today about the author, Elizabeth Prentiss. She was an amazing writer from the 1800's. (She actually lived in Vermont!) She was a minister's wife and the daughter of a minister. She wrote the most amazing, precious, spiritually nourishing books I have ever read in my life. These are all stories, fiction - but they are powerful lessons about having a godly, calm, peaceful home life.

In some of her books, there is always a much loved Mother or grandmother who adores her Bible and sits and reads. She is treasured by the characters in the books. She is a wise and much loved presence in the home. This "mother" has no ambition but to comfort and counsel her children. Her only daily task is to be with her family and to nurture them.

I want to be just like her...... I get glimpses of my future. My oldest girls, ages 20 and 21, have both told me that someday, whenever I want, they will provide me with a darling room in their own homes. They will take care of me and I will be a part of their own families. This is the regular mom, but it is a godly mom and that is who I aspire to be.

Mrs. White


Gina said...

Amen! I too, need to be really cautious of how much I compare myself to other moms! We all have our strengths - and we all probably have bad days! I sure hope I can be that kind of "regular mom" in the Prentiss books too!

Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting!
Gina at Home Joys!

Deanna said...

Blessings to you,
Being a regular Mom is what it's about.
(Cheer us on to be what we are to be and are.)

Tovah said...

Isn't that bit about the room in their homes just a precious way of them arising and calling you blessed?

Beth (aka Tovah)

Mrs. White said...

Oh Dear Beth (Tovah), what a smile you brought to my heart!! Yes, it sounds just like that!!!!

love and blessings
Mrs. White

Helen said...

Well, aren't I glad this has been said! 'bout time. Life is full of smoke and mirrors, and I know it's not always quiet on the western front, as my dear mam often says. Finally, a momma who says it like it is. And you know what? It doesn't take away an ounce of faith...
Love to you, Mrs White. I'm trying to say things without saying them... smiles.. probably because I'm too tired to think about the politically correct way to say them...

Sandra said...

I had an abusive and neglectful mother growing up and I wore myself out for many years trying to be the perfect mom, doing all the necessaries and every fun idea that I read about. I too am a normal mom, who IS organized, but homeschooling made me that way. I love to cook simple meals, keep homeschooling simple and we enjoy picnics and hiking. Simple is best and the simple things mean the most.

Beth said...

What a sweet and precious post! I know that when I measure myself to others, I always come up short. But then when my daughters tell me how much they love me and that they want to just "be" with me...(at ages 19, 16, and 12) and my big boys call me and tell me that they love me, I realize that through God (and His incredible Grace) I must have done it alright. I've made so many mistakes so it is only through God that it has been ok!
I used to just knock myself out trying to do everything for every holiday...homemade gingerbread houses, perfect meals, all the holiday extras, etc. and finally I realized I was just making myself miserable and that the kids didn't care! They'd rather have a happy and not stressed out mom than all the "things" in the world. I agree with Sandra, simple is the way to go! Thanks for the reminder! Lovely post!!

The Crazy Mom said...

Mrs. White, you have to be one of the most delightful women around! I love your blog, you are so warm and homey! I would love to be just like you!!!

~*~The Family~*~ said...

Well said, what a beautiful post.

Jennifer said...

It is a beautiful sound to me, too, that my girls still call me "Mommy."

Rebecca said...

Mrs. White,
Your posts are pure nourishment. Like super food! I have found such a mentor in you. I know this is an old post, but it speaks to me today - deeply. I am thanking the Lord for you right now. I too am a regular mom. I have nothing shiny to show the world. Nothing to garner admiration or praise from anyone outside my family. No, I prefer to hang laundry out on the line, organize my pantry or read a book to my children. You put the beauty back into the mundane. You vividly illustrate how precious and holy our work is. Thank you so very, very much.
With much love and gratitude,

Anonymous said...

Oh...everything Rebecca has said before me!