Friday, November 27, 2009

Evening Snow in Vermont

Evening Snow

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It is warm and cozy here at home. It is 10 p.m and the house is quiet. I just finished my Bible study and wrote in my journal. I enjoy sitting at the table doing my studies, while sitting near our wood stove.

I was looking out the window and saw snow falling. It is amazing to see snow in the silence of the moonlight. We live in such a pretty place, here in Vermont.

The children are all feeling better. I have been working hard keeping the house clean and the dishes washed. I am very tired and want to get to bed early.

It would be just lovely to wake up before the sun and look outside at all the newly fallen snow!

Mrs. White


CrazyMom said...

You are such a lovely woman! Beautiful children, too!!!

Mrs. White said...

Thank you so much! I am delighted to have you visit here.

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