Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Catered Thanksgiving

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Since the children have been sick with the flu for the past several days, we had to cancel our usual Thanksgiving dinner with my parents (who live with us). Mom and Dad finally decided they would go ahead and make the dinner anyway and just send it upstairs to us.

I spent the entire morning cleaning and tidying and doing dishes. Then I set our dining room table. I used pink napkins for place mats (that was all I had). Each person got a place setting of blue willow china, silverware (fork, spoon, knife - even if they didn't need it), and a blue willow china cup. The table looked lovely. John (12) said it looked like a restaurant.

Later, our dinner was sent upstairs. Amy was still too sick to come to the table, so I brought her dinner on a tray. (She had hives all over her face and hands, which came after her fever broke.) The rest of us sat together. Mr. White said the prayer. It was precious, but also sad because my Dad is the one who always says the Thanksgiving prayer and I missed that. But for my sweet husband to say the prayer was so special!

We talked about the Pilgrims and the Indians, while we enjoyed our meal. We are from Massachusetts and have been to Plymouth(Plimouth)Plantation several times. It is such a charming museum which features costumed actors who re-enact a typical day of the Pilgrims.

We reminisced about Thanksgivings past. Mr. White and I have had 21 Thanksgivings together and have enjoyed our family very much.

Yet, just like many families, there are always those few moments when Mom is almost in tears.... (Must children always be disrespectful at the worst times? - smiles). Oh, but the love and hugs of comfort I received were such a blessing and warmed my heart! It didn't take long, and everything was okay again.

After we ate, Mr. White wrapped up all the food and saved it. Everything still looked very neat and I was happy. We rested and watched a movie.

It is now dark and quiet here in Vermont and I am very grateful for my home and family.

Hope you all had a wonderful day too!

Mrs. White


Dimple said...

I pray you will all be well soon. It sounds like you had a blessed Thanksgiving, though, despite it not being as planned.

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