Thursday, January 7, 2010

Seeking Godliness at Home

Rose Garden II

I have had some trials the last couple of days. But every night, I have been reading a few passages from "Stepping Heavenward" by Elizabeth Prentiss. It is part of a Study some of us are doing.

Lately, the main character's trials are mirroring my own. There can be turmoil in a home. It is hard for a Mother not to get emotional - either sad or angry, depending on what is happening around her.

But tonight, a glimpse of light has come to cheer me on. I will share a small part of the book, It is from the journal of "Katy":

"I see now why He has put some thorns into my domestic life; but for them I should be too happy to live. It does not seem just the moment to complain, and yet, as I can speak to no one, it is a relief to write about my trials."

I know this one little part doesn't make as much sense as reading the entire story. But what has come over me is the yearning for Heaven. We are always going to be dealing with petty things. There will always be the "town gossip," who speaks ill of the innocent. There will always be people who misunderstand or complain or frankly, those who are so careless, it does not concern them when they cause our suffering.

But my joy will always come from the Lord. If I can have that precious, cheerfulness in all things, I will be content. If I can just keep my moods in check, so that I can always be ever so happy (in my very soul), and not caught up in the world around me, my joy will always remain.

At that point, I can make my home a happy place, just because I am ever-cheerful. If only that were possible!! (smiles) Yet, it is my goal. I strive for it every single day. I search for it, I work for it, in daily religious duties - the only thing that keeps me sustained. But it is not enough. So I will keep doing more, throughout the day, to keep my heart focused - so that the things of earth will finally become dim.

Mrs. White


Anonymous said...

:) I long for it also, thank you for sharing....

Michelle Smith said...

I agree. As industrious as we can be in our house, we will never escape that one last chore, and we live amongst others who sometimes can be struggling themselves. We simply cannot receive our own peace from our surroundings. Our contentment and joy need to come from the Lord. The more we dwell in Him, spend time in His word and in prayer or even listening to gospel music, the more contented and joyful we will become--even in a messy house or while our children are struggling.