Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Heart for Staying Home

Breakfast Tea

There have been so many things going on here lately, I have lost my bearings. I have purposed to have peace and not only stay home physically, but in my heart. I love home and want to enjoy my homemaking.

My mother has always been delighted with home. I remember once, when we were older teens and we moved into a new house. Mom said she didn't want us to do any chores because she wanted the joy of keeping house all by herself. So we only kept to our rooms and cleaning up our own messes. Not long after that, most of us moved out and had families of our own.

I remember watching my mother-in-law keep house. She would get up early and make coffee. You knew that at any hour of the day or night, she would be at home. That's where her heart was. She was such an example to me of not worrying about the culture around her. She made home a lovely place.

I find it disruptive to have to leave this precious estate. My house is old, it was built in the 1800's, and it needs an enormous amount of work, but it is my humble cottage and I love working throughout the day, just polishing and shining and organizing and working in my kitchen.

For lunch yesterday, I made a batch of biscuits and cooked up some turkey burger. I added this to pasta and peas and then used an Alfredo sauce. It came out great. Everyone enjoyed the meal. I love testing recipes and making treats for my family.

If I have to run out the door for an errand, my heart sinks and I am disrupted and distracted. I realize errands are a part of life, but I still struggle with the idea of leaving home too often.

My ideal world would be to only leave home one day a week for church. Groceries would be delivered and I could just enjoy staying here, sewing, cooking, baking and taking care of everyone. I delight in the skills of home economics and want to daily practice my craft, making this the home my children will cherish, in their memories, for many years to come.

Today, I will get out my best stationary and make a to-do list. I will cross each item off as I accomplish them. I will put on my best dress, apron, pearl necklace and put my hair up. (And yes, I will even wear high heels!) I will make a delightful supper tonight. I will keep house on purpose, not by chance. Then I will rest near the hearth with a good book and a hot cup of tea.

I hope you have a wonderful day at home!

Mrs. White


Anonymous said...

that sounds glorious!!

Deanna said...

Oh!!! Mrs. White,
Your day sounds delightful.

Having groceries delivered would be a treat I have never experienced. I remember as a child, our milk in glass bottles were delivered to the front porch!

God bless you real good and may you have a truly sweet Valentine's Day,

Cascia said...

That is beautiful! I'm so glad to hear that you enjoy staying home. I have a hard time being a stay at home mom sometimes.

The Machinist's Wife said...

I adore being home. I take delight in cleaning and organising and will gladly even clean my young adults' rooms if they would only allow me to...sigh... hee hee.. I said to the Machinist just the other day that this home is my refuge. It is also old, creaks, leaks a lot, coughs and splutters, but how I love being here. And now that the shop is almost complete, and we all know what that will entail, I will value this home even more...xx

Anonymous said...

Home keeping with a purpose! That is truly where our hearts need to be.... blessings.

ChristinaB said...

Mrs.White I agree 100%. Being home is such a joy!

Devildogwife said...

No high heels for me. I'm taking care of my feet. ;) My hubby gave me an apron for Christmas. I love wearing it 1) because it was a gift from his heart and 2) because it makes me feel happy while I'm in the kitchen.

While I do love being home, it is good to get outside of the home and fellowship with others.

Heather said...

Lovely. I have not tried high heels, I usually stick to my fuzzy pink slippers. But, I do wear the skirt, heels and apron. I will have to think about the heels....

Sherry @ Lamp Unto My Feet said...

Love aprons! i'm not much of a high heel girl though. I love being at home. :)

Cassidy said...

Beautiful post! It sounds so glorious. Maybe you can post a pic of yourself all done up at home sometime? Smiles, Cass

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one that enjoys staying home. What a blessing your blog is.

Blessed Homemaking said...

I'm with you, Mrs. White! I would love to stay home all week (except church) and have the groceries delivered. I hope you are well. ♥

Renee said...

I've newly discovered your blog site and am enjoying immensely. I, too, enjoy my days at home although there seems to be a bit of running 2 to 3 times a week. The topics that you share on a truly a blessing to me. The things that you've gone through are truly for a beautiful purpose. Blessings and strenghth to you and yours, Renee

Anonymous said...

I also hate when I have to leave my home. I wish I could stay home and tend to my home as a full time job. Unfortunately I am not married and must work. :(

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