Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Holiness from the Garage

Fishermen and their Kids Having Church Service Inside of the Old Air Force Chapel

I love walking into an old-time church. The congregation is often a humble, kind group who are there to join together in prayer and worship. These kinds of churches are hard to find, but they are such a blessing!

I think about these churches when my Father (Grandpa) is out working on the property. He is in his 70's and keeps busy maintaining the grounds and doing repair projects. He has full possession of our two-car garage. He uses it as a workshop. There is a wood stove in there, counters, and tools. He also has a cassette player and 8 track player in there.

Throughout the day, I can hear the sounds of holiness coming from the garage. Grandpa plays old gospel music or old sermons of his brother preaching. It gives me a warm feeling of comfort. I am safe here because of Grandpa. I go about my housekeeping with the windows open, and I can hear the precious sounds of worship and spiritual nourishment. It awakens me to live a holy life. It protects me from worldly distractions. It is a testimony that says, Grandpa is here.

In my section of the house, I am often listening to sermons or old gospel music. I read my Bible and pray and delight in spiritual duties. I am continuing Grandpa's tradition and passing it on to the next generation.  As my children age and mature, they will be drawn to this kind of life.  They will be drawn to the peace and joy which comes from religious duties. It is the legacy of holiness.

Mrs. White

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Clint said...

Yes, your children will, indeed, be drawn to the life of quiet spirituality. God is to be our focus in all things. Peace be still. God bless.