Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Pathway Home

The Path Home

             ~ The happiest place to go. . . is home ~

It is the lunch hour... Food is cooking on the stove. We are getting ready to enjoy a quiet afternoon. Later, we will rush around to do errands. . . and work. . . and deal with normal daily trials.

But, just for now, we will have a pleasant rest.

My children are calling and I must go. . . 

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Debbie said...

We had a busy day... busy week. We have been working around the house getting things ready for winter. Hubby and sons put a new storm door and trim on the front door, dd and I are cleaning, organizing and de-cluttering the basement. We have a lot of other stuff to get done too. I will be posting pictures as we go.

Mostly though this comment is to let you know you have been tagged. You're It! Go to my blog to see what to do. Here is the post:

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