Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cleaning the Museum

Library of Congress: Rita Cyr and her children, 1940 Maine

As I worked through the house yesterday, I thought of my home as a museum. I found "vintage floors" with "exposed" wood underneath (on account of the torn linoleum). I found cracked door frames. I swept stairs which were in "old" condition. There were cobwebs in out-of-the way areas. I had to sort and archive files and bills and other such family histories.

I became the keeper of the Museum. And I was the mistress and secretary of this estate. It made things so much more fun!

We "take" guests here-and-there and do our best to make sure they are comfortable while they visit. We provide refreshments. We show them around the quaint rooms, with the mismatched furniture.

I spend much of the day taking care of this old place and the lovely people who reside here. I want their remembrances of home to be unique and endearing.

Torn carpets and other such nonsense are part of the charm of my home. Thus, it is when I am cleaning that I am most attached to this old place.

Mrs. White

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Deanna said...

Dear Mrs. White,
Liked this post! Doing a home blessing also blesses the family that lives there!

The first time I heard cleaning a home is a home blessing it registered in my soul. Liked it.

May you have a terrific new year 2011.
God bless,
d from homehaven

Hallee the Homemaker said...

I have always wanted memories of my home to be unique and endearing, too. Lovely post - thank you.