Saturday, December 11, 2010

Spending the Day in the Kitchen

Country Blue

I was very brave today. While Amy (15) was out,  I went into her room and gathered up her dishes. I believe they had been there since yesterday (if not longer - horrors!). I soaked them in steaming hot water and dish liquid. They were soon sparkling clean. Then I washed more dishes and scrubbed counters and had a lovely time.

I have the leisure of tending to my home duties and being with my family. I am truly blessed.

Later, I turned on some old-time gospel music and sat on a stool near the counter with some hot chocolate. I was close to the stove and the sink - the places I spend most of my time. I looked out at the living room and saw our wood stove and the pretty, snowy view out the front windows. It is a pleasant place to be.

I thought I would share my happiness with my boys. I prepared an orange for each one. I peeled and separated the pieces and placed them on decorative tea plates. Then I went into each boy's room and brought their treats.

I was ready to start supper. I made two pans of meatloaf. Those would take an hour and a half to bake. So I tidied some more, then I sat back on my stool. I enjoyed sipping hot chocolate and listening to the pleasant music.

Then I remembered Mr. White. Well, he would certainly like a nice orange too, right? So I prepared one and brought it to him. He gave me a startled look, and said he felt special. I realized each one of them thought they were the only one who got an orange. (smiles)

Soon it was time to peel potatoes, make stuffing and get the corn ready. I smiled and enjoyed my kitchen work. I adored being home and having all the time in the world. I loved being in my kitchen and taking breaks to do laundry. I wish I had something to iron. I will have to do that this week.

The nicest thing in the world is to clean a kitchen that is not messy. If one putters around all day long, making things nice and cleaning as one goes along, it makes things very cozy. (No one enjoys cleaning a messy kitchen or a messy house.) It also makes things very easy to prepare little treats for the family to surprise them.

I want to be remembered for my kitchen work. I want to be The Mother who was always in the kitchen, smiling and making delicious food to comfort the family and brighten the home.

May it be so.

Mrs. White 

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Mrs. Stam said...

Beautiful and so inspiring!!! My day is done, and all is clean and tidy until my young crew wakes up early in the morning, so for me this is my time to relax and enjoy all the worked that I have done! It's a nice feeling!

I even made chocolate cakes from scratch just because and the left over are in the trifle I made for tomorrows dessert :-)

I love doing thing like this "just because"

gail said...

Wow, this is a woman after mine own heart. I love doing all these homemaking tasks for the love of the Lord and my family. <>

Psalm 113:9 He settles the barren woman in her home as a happy mother of children. Praise the LORD.

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

I love being at home, taking care of my family. I may not always have the tidiest of homes, but it is a haven for my hubby and daughter. They too love being at home.

Munchkin and I have been having so much fun baking together this week.

Lisa Grace said...

It's so true; I love coming into my clean kitchen ... it's an invitation to treat my family to the smells of baking and a delicious dinner, to create a memory of a special time, and to give me peace (I often pray for my family as I work in the kitchen). Sometimes I even feel like you do about ironing, but not often enough, lol. Thanks for sharing!

Illinois Lori said...

Hi Mrs. White! My name is Lori (aka "IllinoisLori")...I'd love to tell you from where I first linked to your blog, but I can no longer remember! I've been reading here for some time now, and this week I wanted to just let you know what a blessing your writing has been to me :-) This post, especially, hit me at just the right moment in the midst of a very heavy week, and you set my voice to humming and my hands to cooking and baking and washing...and it was the biggest blessing I've had all week! I've included a link to your blog and this post in my "Weekly WrapUp" which is here:

Thank you so much for sharing of your merry DOES doeth good, like medicine! (I've had a week of hospital-hopping to watch after my elderly father...I needed what you provided, dear one!)

Blessings, and I look forward to getting to know you better!

The Momma Chronicles said...

Amen, Mrs. White. Amen. And thank you so much for the inspiration I needed to GET my home to the upkeep stage (rather than the "needs work" stage) so I can spend more time blessing my family.