Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Jane Austen Day - When Mother is Worn Out

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I have not written much this week. I have been struggling to keep up with the errands and daily life. Last night, I didn't think I could continue. I needed to just lay down and have the day over. But I prayed and washed the dishes and then laid down for an hour. I prayed for strength. We had a Church meeting I did not want to miss. It is funny how whenever I get involved in such an amazing ministry program that something tries to get in the way of my involvement. After a couple of hours, I was refreshed and energized and we went to the meeting. It was such a blessing! The children and I came back with renewed zeal and plenty of ministry ideas.

This morning, I woke up and did my exercises, but something happened. My weariness came back. I decided that I need a break. I will not give in to this and be sad or miserable. I will make this rest fun. I will liven up my spirit with a pleasant idea. I will have a Jane Austen Day! What does that mean?

I will dress in a delicate outfit - a pretty long dress. I will fix my hair and settle myself near the hearth all day long and read Emma. I will relax and think of my home as a "cottage," and enjoy a life of delicate leisure at home while I recover, listening to gentle classical music.

When was the last time you had a Jane Austen Day?

Mrs. White

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Marie said...

I would absolutely LoVe a Jane Austen day!! I NEED a Jane Austen day. My computer has interrupted my reading time way too much lately. I have Sense and Sensibility on my desk right now but I still have a couple other books to finish first :-( Also, I've been watching EMMA, that PBS did last year. I have the final episode still left to watch, just waiting for a day when the older guys are away from home. It's such a good movie!

Enjoy you're day...I'll be wishing I was having a Jane day. Maybe when my little ones are a little older.

Gae said...

Dear Mrs White,
That sounds delightful. I think we need to add that one to the special days we celebrate, however I think it a great idea to oncorporate into every day living too.
Prayers fo ryour weariness too.

Anonymous said...

That does sound wonderful! I hope you get rested up!

I also wanted you to know that I'm merging and my blog to a new home and would hate to lose you as a reader!
I would love for you to come visit when you are all rested!

Taryn said...

My favorite Austen book is Sense and Sensibility(British Literature-12th grade for homeschoolers)-and the movie with Kate Winslet. I cry at the end every single time. I didn't like Pride and Prejudice.

Catherine said...

It's hard to have a Jane Austen Day in a Star Wars house, but I do empathize. Between chronic pain and being just plain worn down by the winter, my body is protesting. I try to plan special treats and plenty of reading aloud together. The boys are really enjoying our current book about the life of Archimedes, and the next one up is a children's version of Homer. I hope your day is restorative and that you are feeling better soon.

Unknown said...

I don't have them enough. But you have talked me into Pride and Prejudice. We are near the 0 degree mark outside, nowhere to go, nothing more to do, so I'm breaking out the movie and watch with my girls while we sip hot cocoa!! Thanks for the nudge.

busymomof10 said...

this sounds so delightful! What a great way to exchange your weariness for a special day!!

I had to laugh when I read your reader's comment about it being hard to have a Jane Austen day in a Star Wars household! That would be me!! :)

The Momma Chronicles said...

What a fantastic idea! I long for a Jane Austen day myself. I'll sit and knit, watch the A&E version of Pride & Prejudice, watch the children play and enjoy a day off of school.

I pray you're feeling rested and refreshed!


Beth said...

Oh my goodness!! THAT sounds wonderful! I tend to have "Jane Austen" nights, though! We watch very little actual tv but I have several Jane Austen dvd's and when I'm having a hard time sleeping, I pop one of those in and settle down to a wonderful drowsy night! I have Sense and Sensibility memorized so I don't really need to watch it to know what's going on and soon I'm asleep!
Blessings to you!

JennyM said...

Thank you for this lovely idea. I pray that you are feeling more rested and refreshed today.

annies home said...

oh sounds so lovely and a day of relaxing