Saturday, March 5, 2011

Mozart Inspired Housekeeping

Victorian Lady, Purple Dress

I just took down the burgundy curtains from my living room windows. I put them in the washing machine. Then I started to dust the blinds and ceiling. I am listening to Mozart's Chamber Music while I work. The living room looks spacious as I empty out the day's clutter. I am going to do a little rearranging and cleaning.

The room needs brightening!

Then I will work on polishing up the kitchen before the sun sets. Because once it gets dark, I only have limited lighting available - cozy dim lamps. The gentle light reflecting off the recently cleaned rooms will look charming and inviting.

I will have to create some sort of dinner plan. I will set the table in thrifty elegance. We will have a simple meal of chicken and potatoes. Then I will sit by the hearth and rest and read while my family runs off in many directions in this large old house, to pursue their own adventures.

Mrs. White

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Rebecca Knox said...

Sounds beautiful and relaxing! Can you elaborate on the cozy dim lamps? Low wattage bulbs? Oil lamps? Is this simply to create a relaxing atmosphere in the home? And is this in the living area of the home (kitchen/livingroom)? Whatever the reason, I think I like it. When you get a chance it would be most appreciated if you could please elaborate. Thank you!

Mrs. White said...

Well, the kitchen light is broken. It is a fluorescent light and I don't know how to replace it, and I really don't want to! (smiles)

Here is a post where I mentioned it being a problem in the kitchen:

As for the living room, our main light in the center of the room is far too bright and awkward, so I use a small antique lamp that was handed down to me from my aunt. This post shows a picture of our living room where the lamp is. Just scroll down halfway to see it:

Hope that helps!

Mrs. White

Mrs. White said...

Oh, and one more thing I forgot to mention. Because of my recent struggles with light in the kitchen, My daughter came up with an idea for us to put a small lamp in the kitchen, which we are using for now and I love the idea.

Here is the post where that is mentioned:

I hope to post a picture soon.

Mrs. White

Rebecca Knox said...

I used to light candles a lot in the evening and I loved the warm and cozy glow, as well as the relaxing atmosphere that it created, but we can no longer afford to have many candles burning at once, so was curious as to what you did and why. I really appreciate your taking the time to address my many questions. I am looking these posts and photographs up now. Thank you so much! And God bless you for all that you do!

Mrs. White said...

Thank you so much! And you are very welcome!

Yes, candles are expensive. I also worry about fires, so we don't light them too often.

Mrs. White

Chris Worthy said...

This post brought beauty and peace into what has turned out to be a nutty day. Thank you!