Monday, October 31, 2011

Erin's Holiday Entertaining Guide

Get YOUR Copy of Erin's Holiday Entertaining Guide

Every month, for the last year, I have written a recipe for Erin Chase, over at $5 dinners.  My job is to focus on feeding teenagers for $10 or less. I appreciate Erin's commitment to helping families save money at the grocery store. She shares wonderful ideas at her site and has also published a few books.

Her latest book is perfect for this time of year. It is her "Holiday Entertaining Guide." She shares advice on budgeting, What things you must have, marketing and coupon tips, a plan to cook everything using only one oven, and how to make amazing meals out of leftovers. She even includes 30 affordable recipes!

She also shares ideas for entertaining guests, like providing a homey atmosphere, suggested conversation starters, inexpensive decorating, getting the children involved, reducing stress and learning to thrive through the holidays.

This book can be downloaded to your favorite e-reader, or get the PDF and interactive flash bundle.

It is on sale now for $1.99.  - This is half off the original price. Just use the coupon code: THANKS

* This has been a commercial break. Your purchase of this item will provide me with a nice commision. Thank you so much for your support!*


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