Wednesday, October 26, 2011

If Home Was a Happy Place

The First Stitch

Many suffer every day because of sorrow, depression and trials. They have trouble coping.  This happens to teens, mothers, fathers and young adults. It seems that small children are more carefree, and innocent of the dark- clouds in life.

Homes are very precious when they are full of young children to brighten everyone's mood!

We Mothers have the weight of the world on our shoulders when we try to create joy and happiness at home without our spiritual strength. If we can "seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness" the Lord will help us. It will seem almost effortless as His light shines through us.

When you are having a rough time at home, perhaps your teens are angry and moody? Or perhaps your husband is on edge and stressed? Just remember this - instead of thinking about how to solve the problems, or trying out different ideas to make things better - simply spend more time in private prayer, bible reading and letting God worry about it all.

Because if our homes are going to be happy places, in this ungodly world, we need the constant source of light coming through our souls. No human effort will make it work. We need The Lord.

Mother, have you hugged your Bible today?

Mrs. White

"Pray, and let God worry." - Martin Luther

The Blessing of - A Wife Who Does Not Complain.

The Classic  - Blue Collar - Working Class - Housewife.

Training the Team - Mother as the Coach.

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Rebecca Knox said...

This is oh so true, Mrs. White! Thanks for the gentle reminder to put God's Word first...then everything else will take care of itself! (((HUGS))) to you this morning! <3

Anonymous said...

Thank you so very much for this post Mrs. White. It was incredibly timely and much needed:)

Chaos Cottage said...

Thank you for the reminder. I tend to get knotted up in my neck and shoulders when I worry. I need to take it to the Lord and leave it there.

Anonymous said...

This is REALLY good!

Laura Lane said...

With a day like this, I'm so glad my Bible and my God were first!

Deanna said...

hugging my Bible and reading Proverbs!!!
Have a wonderful day,

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