Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Charm of The Old Days

Couple at Counter of Ice Cream Parlor

Looking at pictures of American society from previous generations makes me nostalgic for the old days. These can be any days from the past that are precious, or charming, or pleasant.

Do you remember when people would get all dressed up to go to the store? Or when a visitor would come by the house, and the hostess was already dressed nicely? Girls would get their sweater and take a nice leisurely walk to visit with their guest. They were un-hurried and enjoyed the fresh air without the distractions of modern technology that we, of this generation, have so much trouble trying to control.

These old- day- pictures make me want to find some sewing patterns and make my own pretty clothes. These are classic items one cannot find in the stores anymore.

I also want to get a soda from the soda fountain! Or take a walk through the center of town, stopping at the library for a bit, or getting an ice cream with a friend.

The patience of the old days is astounding. There was not the constant rush to do it all.  Moms were generally at home and available for any crisis that came up.  These mothers were not overtaxed with too many commitments, or too many projects. They were the slow-paced, enjoy- the- daily- life kind of Mothers who had the energy and will to help when the need arose.

Children who came home to such a place, where Mother was relaxed and happy, were the luckiest children on earth.

I wonder if we can take a little of yesteryear's charm and create some modern nostalgia for the next generation?

Mrs. White

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Mrs. Laura Lane said...

I'd sure like to try. Even homeschooling, it gets hectic sometimes.

Jenny said...

I love the 1950s style of clothes. I want to learn to sew so I can make feminine clothes from vintage 50s patterns!

Emily Fay said...

I, too, love looking at old photos. I remember my Grandmother telling me how you would get all dressed up and go downtown - how special it was! How things have changed!!

Deanna said...

Hello Mrs. White,
What a charming picture. Yes, I wish this aspect of a slower paced life would become popular again as well as the clean and attractive clothing.

May you have a super Holiday month.
God bless,

Cassidy said...

I really enjoyed this post. I, too, love the past and the quality and the beauty of it all. Life was simple. It's so hard to even figure out HOW to bring some of that into our homes. If you have ideas, please share them with me. Our home was broken into multiple times while we were away with my husband's job in Dallas. They stole all of my nice things. I no longer even have cloth napkins. With our budget I will have to obtain even glassware a little at a time with much time in between. Right now we have plastic plates but I do have a set of 8 plates that made it through everything. The bowls and saucers and mugs are gone though. I had beautiful vintage pieces all over my home and now we have not one. I got them a little at a time. Any advice there? Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment. I stayed away from my blog so long that I'm not sure any of my readers are still around to read. That's okay, tho, my children will have all of this one day to look back on and read and enjoy. Can you archive on blogger? I blogged at Xanga for over 4 years before I moved when Xanga was having big problems. I knew how to archive there. Thanks for any and all advice. Blessings! Cass