Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Homemade Effort

Ruins of an Old Fashioned Schoolhouse in Rural North Carolina

When Mr. White and I bought our old colonial house, I wanted it to earn its keep. What I mean is  the house had to pay for itself. It has 14 rooms and 2 acres of land. I wanted it to be an income - producing property.

We are not farmers. We know nothing about animals or gardening. We are city people. So we did what we knew best. I opened a day-care and did bookkeeping for local businesses. While this was going on, we also ran our country store, which was across the street. It was a busy, productive life. And yes, the house paid for itself!

The best part about the industry in this home was that every single family member was involved in each business. I didn't have to do any of it alone.  It was a team effort and we all thrived on it.

Yet, seasons change.  The children started to grow up and headed off to colleges.  We sold the store. I got sick (again) and couldn't do much of anything. I am still weary and have trouble,  but can function okay with rest.  It seems our productivity died out when Mama couldn't orchestrate the plans anymore.

Mr. White no longer owns his own business (our store) and works at a regular job. He certainly has plenty of free time, but we are craving the use of our creativity. We long for industry in this home.

This will take some serious effort. We will come up with plans and ideas and start seeing what becomes of it.  Still, it will be hard when Mama often feels like an invalid. What I want to see, more than anything, is the rest of my family thriving in self-made businesses without me.  I want to be the cheerleader, off in the sidelines. I want to watch them delight in their own ideas and accomplishments, and I want them to joyfully succeed in their own endeavors.  Because, frankly, I am tired. (gentle smiles)

Mrs. White

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Gail said...

Dearest Mrs. White - you daily inspire me and remind me why I left full time employment to become a home maker - to concentrate on making my home and community a sanctuary for all comers. Also, I left workplace because the fatigue of RA; I live within a small box of energy, trying to rejoice in that space and do what I can. G-d placed me here to be a blessing to others whether in work place or in a doctor's office encouraging other patients.
Thanks for your daily emails that keep me focus on true goals.

Laura in AZ said...

Hi Mrs. White,
I live in the heart of the city, but my family has also embarked on several cottage industries.
I've been a home daycare provider for the past 24 years and love it. My two oldest boys are full time college students, but living at home. My oldest son gives guitar lessons and does guitar maintenance & repair out of our house. My 19 yr old is a talented artist and is building up a little graphic art business for himself via the computer.
I like the fact that they're learning self-sufficiency and will be able to take their businesses and clientele with them when they eventually move out.
You mentioned that you long for some kind of industry in your home and again I can't help but think of your love of baking! I have a sister-in-law who earned a nice income by baking and selling homemade bread/cookies, muffins, etc. to offices and hotels . She enjoyed it , made a nice little profit and was able to be at home with her kids. She printed out cute tags & labels; her oldest daughter was able to help with wrapping the treats and they delivered them in baskets with pretty cloth napkins. I could imagine you being very good at something like that where you could put your cozy home-making skill to use!

LeAnn said...

It is always fun to learn a little bit more about one another through blogging. I do hope you find a wonderful home business. I see your creative side through your writings. I will pray you to feel better I know what it is like to not feel well.
Blessings to you and thanks for sharing a little more about your family and you.

Noelle said...

I will not offer advices but prayers! I love to 'stop by' your blog and see what is happening! You offer a simple outlook on a life we too often make much more difficult than it needs to be.
So prayers it is and God bless,

The Machinist's Wife said...

Just to say - I 'get' you, I really do. I am where you have been and where you want to be. It's hard work. It's tiring, but without it, there is a void, a desire and in the depths of despair and fatigue I read a sign in a lovely homewares shop: "Never give up on something that you can't go a day without thinking about"

Mrs DB.

Annie Kate said...

Dear Mrs White,

I do pray you will soon feel better. It's a long, tiring road, isn't it? Keep on trusting. God is working in us for good.

I've been recovering very gradually since phasing out gluten. And my cancer diagnosis was wrong. :) They just couldn't recognize my form of celiac disease.


Annie Kate

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