Friday, December 16, 2011

The Light in the Window

Streetlights on Via R. Settimo, Ortygia Island, Syracuse, Sicily, Italy

It is so dark and stormy outside. My house feels cold and empty. It seems like the days are getting shorter.  It makes people sad, like there is a depression falling over our homes.

One thing I like do to is turn on a few lamps in the early afternoon. It sends a gentle light throughout the house. Those driving by, or walking by our house, will see a light in the window. They will see that someone is home. . . That someone cares about this place. . They will see that light and feel welcomed and warmed.

It's time for me to turn on a quiet CD of songs by Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby. I will turn on my kitchen lamp, put on my apron, and start cleaning.

Soon it will be time for the early evening's errands.  I will have to go out. But before I do, I want to make sure everything is neat and pleasant and happy. Mr. White will have the wood stove on, for when I come home later.   I will see the pretty light in the window, and feel welcomed in my own home as I walk  through the door.

I don't want to have that bad feeling when I come home tonight - the one of dread, because I left the house without cleaning first. I want to come home to order and beauty. .  . and a little lamplight to make me smile.

Mrs. White

Oh, please, let it be like - The Mission House.

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Mary P said...

I love that feeling of driving up to your home in the evening and seeing the warm, inviting glow through the windows. Bless you this weekend!

Anita said...

One evening we were away from home and driving through a neighborhood. It seemed all the houses were one was home and there were no lamps or lights to welcome anyone. It made me feel sad for the home and for the family! Home!! It is a sweet place...even in the midst of our daily busyness and's still our home!

Rebecca Knox said...

I know those dark and empty house feelings and the sad and depressed feelings that come with them. Like you, I love a light and the way it perks everyone (and everything) up. My favorite is to light a scented candle in every room (of course, my house is very small) and I love, love, LOVE the glow of Christmas lights (I leave a strand of blue ones up in my kitchen year round). I like the idea of lights in the windows and am going to try to do something to give that 'welcome home' effect here. Thanks for sharing! Always love your blog and YOU even more! Have a blessed weekend!

Kathy Fannon, CHHC said...

I read this post last week when you posted it and each night when it begins to get dark (around 5:00) I think of you, and my neighbors coming home from work, and turn on my lights. I like the idea of it feeling like someone is here to welcome them home after a long day at work. I also try to turn a few lights on in the morning as they are leaving so it doesn't seem so dark and cold on their way out.

Mrs. White, I love your blog. I've read here and there in the past, but the last few days I've been devouring it and feeling a renewed sense of purpose. My youngest is 18, and I don't NEED to be a stay-at-home mom anymore, yet my heart keeps being pulled in that direction. Thank you for your encouraging and inspirational posts!

Becoming a Woman of Excellence said...

You are so pretty in heart, Mrs White and a very special and kind person. Have a nice day.