Thursday, February 2, 2012

Comforted by my Homemaking Tools

Jane Ironing a Skirt While Her Mother and Sisters Work Another Suit

I have this old ironing board that I have used for many years. It is wobbly and the cover is faded and worn. I did some ironing yesterday. I set it up in front of the television and watched "The Waltons" while I ironed pillowcases and fabric for sewing projects. I took breaks from ironing to wash bedsheets and make beds. I did dishes, made lunch and enjoyed a very special homemaking day.

I love the scent of a hot iron, and the feel of warm clothes. It reminds me of the comfort of home. When it was time to put the ironing board away, I thought of how it would be nice to get a new one. But then realized I needed to keep this old one. It has been well-used, all these years, and is an important part of my life. Why would I replace it with something modern and cold and foreign? I need to be surrounded by the familiar. I need to look at my homemaking tools and remember they have been used year- after- year and that I've done well.

One thing that is difficult about using a computer is that it is very hard to keep house while surfing the Internet or checking emails, or writing.   But when I watch television or listen to the radio, I can iron and sew and walk about the house doing projects. I can dust and polish and visit with my family. I can interact with those around me and accomplish things that give me great joy.

I mostly try to use the computer in the very early hours before sunrise. Then I spend the rest of my day focusing on the joy of the home arts - familiar things - surrounded by my family - and ironing and sewing and doing dishes.    Even the mere act of sweeping the floor provides a good feeling.  I love to see the vacuum cleaner and the broom and my dustpan, over in the corner. I see the furniture polish under the kitchen shelf, and my sewing basket on the hutch,  and I know these special tools are part of my daily life.   It is a rich and full lifeAnd I am ever-grateful.

Mrs. White

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Unknown said...

Yes! This is so great! :) I've really been focusing, so far this year, on recognizing distractions. I'd like to say I'm getting rid of distractions, but I think I haven't really recognized how many there are in my life.

Every time I get the email "field trip/moms night/homeschool activity planned", I feel guilty if I don't jump right on it. I've determined, this year, to learn to say NO to those distracting things and, instead, to focus on what I really want to do---bake bread, dust my living room, read to my kids for hours in the morning... :)

Ok, so I guess my comment doesn't necessarily fit with what you wrote...but this is what I thought of when I read your post! Ha! :)

I've really been thinking about your earlier Facebook post and, while I can see so many times that I've been able to minister and provide a good example/Godly perspective to those "friends", I can also see where I've gotten distracted by all the other stuff on there. I'm trying to find the right balance so I'm found busy about my home each day, rather than with my eyes glued to the screen! :)

Have a blessed day and thanks for letting me ramble! :)

Mrs. Sarah Coller

Cathy said...

Thank you. I know what you mean about cherishing your old, well used, familiar homemaking tools. They are like old friends. I don't change things in my home too quickly. I like the constancy.

Tiffany said...

This is a great post...thanks for sharing your homemaking thoughts!

Helen said...

You know, I remember my sweet mam ironing every Sunday afternoon, while watching an Agatha Christie movie on Tv. She would cook a lovely lunch (we called it 'dinner' at that time - breakfast, dinner and tea), then send my older brothers to go to the corner store to buy 'sandwich icecreams' for all. I will never forget that smell of line dried clothing, heated by the old cast irons. She didn't use an ironing board back then, she would cover the heavy table protector with towels and a white linen sheet and that would be her makeshift ironing 'table'. It was such a comfort to watch my mam 'stroke'the linens (she started work at a commercial laundry on her 14th birthday) xx

Anonymous said...

This is a great post. It can be tempting to buy shiny & new - I think of my blender - but if it still works, why do I need a new one? I guess the right word there would be WANT. :)

As for the ironing board, I get excited with a pretty new covering from time to time. The board itself creaks & makes a terrible racket upon open/close, but it works.

It is good to have the Old Faithfuls that help us create a cozy home for our loved ones.

Elle said...

Yes the computer can be very distracting. If I get on here before doing my chores might not get done!

I think you are very wise not to buy lots of "new". If things still do exactly what they were intended to do...and are not wasteful of energy...then they are still as good as every. And can bring back memories. Sometimes that is worth more than any new item could be.

Sally@threeblondeboyz said...

Certainly things used to be built to last judging by your Ironing board, but no more- I find I have to change my ironing board yearly and the cover more often.! Yes the computer is a distraction, and while I am enjoying reading through my favorite blogs (yes yours!) , in the back of my mind I know it's Friday and I have all the bedding to change today and the ironing to tackle. I guess I can't put it off any longer, but I give myself a treat by watching a good movie while Ironing, then I don;t feel lazy. Sally @ Enlightenment for the Sleepy xxx

Rosilind Jukic said...

I need to learn how to do this. I love cleaning - but it's grown mundane while trying to care for small children. I think I just need to adjust my attitude. Thank you for this post - it was very encouraging to read. Popping over from WLW