Saturday, February 4, 2012

Encouraged by A. W. Tozer

I took my teenagers to youth group last night. While they were in their classes, I browsed the tables at the front entryway. I picked up some booklets and pamphlets and started to read. I found one called, "Pursuer of God - A biographical tribute to A. W. Tozer" which was published under the title of "Power for Living." I absolutely loved it and was so encouraged!

Here are some excerpts:

"[His Mother-in-law] Kate, a devout believer, took Aiden [Tozer] underwing spiritually, and through her teaching he found a love for the Lord, and an infusion of God's power took hold of him."

"The Tozer children eventually totaled six sons and a daughter. . His son, Forrest, a Chicago attorney, remembers his father as, 'very loving, an inspirational guide, somebody determined that his children would do their best.' "

"Two of Tozer's books, The Knowledge of the Holy and The Pursuit of God, are recognized as true classics."

I have a few of Tozer's books. I am going to find them from my home library and sit near the hearth today and read.  Eventually, I want to buy his biography, The Life of A.W. Tozer: In Pursuit of God.

In this changing culture, we need these kinds of writings to keep us on the path toward holiness. It is a raging battle. May we be found faithful.

Mrs. White

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6 comments: said...

Totally agree..yes we need to be encouraged by those who have traveled the road of faithfulness. I felt the same way after reading DL Moody

Thanks for sharing...I need to read more

Anonymous said...

I am ashamed to say I have never actually read Tozer. I've been wanting to read Knowledge of the Holy for some time.

My resident theologian, (AKA husband) must have it in his office library somewhere. I need to go on a hunt very soon:)

Have a blessed weekend, Sharon!

Jasmine said...

Yes Tozer has some very helpful and insightful writings. His book the Attributes of God is very candid and real as well. Greatful for the writings that have been left behind by the saints of old.

Deanna said...

Hello Mrs. White. Sweet Blessings to you!
I enjoyed your post today and hope you had a quiet time to read Tozer.

Holiness is a lifestyle to embrace.
God bless and shine on,

♥ my diary♥ said...

nice post thanks for sharing..i found out about your blog..looking at to visit more...blessings..

Michele @ A Life Surrendered said...

Hey there, I hopped over from Time-Warp-Wife... I agree... Just in the last few months I have been reading A.W. Tozer's books... they are a real treasure and have ignited a fresh fire in me to seek God... The Pursuit of God is a free Kindle download...

Blessings to you :)