Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Home is What you Make of it

Window, Apt, Provence, France

We can live in a cozy apartment, a large mansion, or a charming mobile home. The people who live with us might be irritable, pleasant, young or old. Our neighbors (or relatives) might be intrusive, bossy, or constantly seeking the latest gossip about our lives. . . It really doesn't matter. . . Each circumstance is like a test to see how well we can thrive in our environment.

The best example to everyone is to live a quiet life, the way we were meant to live it, despite everyone else.

Simple daily tasks like preparing meals, doing chores, going on errands and attending church - are all the very basics of life.

But here is where the creativity can thrive. Here is where each of us has a style and a gift.  Whether we garden, write, sew, knit, bake, or are hospitable, we can serve those around us with a cheerful demeanor.

To smile as we work, to have a heart for home, and a love for others is what matters.  No matter where home is. . ..or who you must deal with. . .. we can learn to avoid dwelling on the difficult. We can overcome all the pain by taking little steps, or actions, to do our daily tasks cheerfully.

And when those tough moments come, just remember this - don't let it spoil your day.  We will not cave, or give-in to trials. We can still be strong and cheerful.

Home is one of the sweetest words of all.   Perhaps the words on your door may say, "Welcome to MY home."   Because there should be a sense of pride for *my* home, no matter the meagerness or humbleness you may find inside.

Mrs. White

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Anonymous said...

So very true! Love your blog! :)

Laura in AZ said...

You're absolutely right, Mrs. White. I try to keep in mind that my home is a gift from God.We are blessed to have this old roof over our heads and I , personally, have a duty to take care of it and make it a nice place to be. Since I love to sew, cook and decorate, it's a job I thoroughly enjoy!

On a side note, I was sad to see that your other blog is closed, although I completely understand your reasons.
Hope you can get back to sewing just for pleasure.

Lori said...

You struck such a cord with me! We have been in our current home for just a year yesterday, and although it is not my "English cottage" that I dream of, I can make this place a place of comfort and joy for my family. Truthfully, I have had a difficult time being has to be the ugliest place we have lived (not necessarily the mobile home, but the surrounding landscape and such)but I have been working on the inside. It is downright cozy and lovely! We have a big back deck and I have put out pretty pots w/ pansies. My sweet husband is going to make raised beds shortly, and a chicken coop. So, when I look out the kitchen window, I will see our little 'farm', our oasis of family and love and prettiness. I am convinced, that if we are content just where we are, there is great blessing.

Have a blessed day, dear one!

Jessica Dimas said...

I couldn't agree more about living a quiet life. I needed to read this today, thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

I have received so many compliments on my home...just a small home, built in the Edwardian days. The word I hear most often regarding my home is "peaceful". Wow---peacefulness can not be purchased...peacefulness can be in anyone's home and can bless everyone who comes in. I even had a friend comment the other day that she could smell something wonderful as soon as she got out of her car. It was the homemade hot chocolate we had in the pot for my daughter's birthday tea party. How great to have peacefulness so abundant that it flows through the walls and out the door into the streets! Ha! :)

Cathy said...

This is so true Mrs. White. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I just love this. So true.