Thursday, March 8, 2012

Marriage - When Groceries are the Presents

Magazine Illustration of Husband Kissing Wife in Kitchen

When I do the grocery shopping, I always buy a few special items for Mr. White. Perhaps it is the ingredients for beef stew.  Or, maybe it is a brownie mix. I like to find his favorite things and make them for him at home. He greatly appreciates my efforts.

Of course, I must remember the basics, like coffee and sugar and bread. If we run out of those items, I am slacking on my job.  (gentle smiles)  But for me to buy those special items, the ones that take extra effort from me, and are bought economically. . . are what make Mr. White happy.

As for me, I am not the type of girl who likes jewelry, a new car, or expensive clothes.  Mr. White knows this.  When he wants to surprise me, or make me happy, he will buy my favorite frozen pizza (Freschetta), or some Ginger ale. . . Perhaps he will buy me a large bag of m and m's, or some mint-chocolate-chip ice cream.   And with these little presents, I am delighted.

At different times, each of us will be in the store, looking through the aisles, thinking about what the other would like.

My favorite thing, is to hear him coming home, rattling his pockets, and saying, "I bought you some m and m's!"

And he loves when I come home, put down the grocery bags, and tell him, "I bought you a special kind of burger!"

No fancy restaurant dinner. . .no wrapped presents . . . no trip to foreign lands. . . no night out on the town. . . no.... none of these things can compare to when Mr. White and I buy groceries for presents.

Mrs. White

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Charissa said...

Sweet post. I feel the same way about buying stuff for my Sweetness and Sweet Babies at the store.

Carrie said...

This is such a beautiful story. It is great when I hear stories about married people who do little things like this, and it puts a smile onto the others face. So many people buy such extravagant gifts for each other. It is the little things that make a marriage work, and be a successful one!
Great Story!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. White,

I've only recently found your blog, and I wanted to tell you that it is very encouraging, motivating and inspiring.

Also, I saw your part about the Prentiss Study--Stepping Heavenward is one of my favorite books. I read it 10 years ago, when I was just about married, and I recently read it it reads differently now that I've got two children of my own and 10 years of marriage with my sweet husband...not to mention 10 years longer with Jesus and life itself. It is so full of goodness, I think I bookmarked about every page. :) I like the idea of reading it along with the Psalms and journaling with it too.

I just wanted to tell you thank you!


p.s. My husband and I enjoy giving each other "gifts" from the grocery store, too. The other day he brought me some coconut flavored coffee creamer...I felt like he'd brought me a dozen roses. (lol)

Unknown said...

This is a wonderful post. My family did this for Christmas one year. We wrapped pop-tarts, boxes of pasta, canned vegetables, etc. The only item that wasn't food were 4 ceramic bells from my three sisters and I to our mother. This was dad's idea, and he helped us pick them out.

It was the best Christmas ever.

Ginger said...

Most definitely! I love these kind of gifts and to me, they are the most memorable.

Mrs. Stam said...

Love this post, and those are the best gifts :-)

Tera Bare said...

Such a sweet reminder that romance doesn't have to be expensive.. These are the things that your children will remember :)

Tammy said...

Very nice post. Much like Dh and I. I always enjoy your blog, and always come away with a smile and a nod.

Jessica Dimas said...

Grocery presents are the best kind in my opinion as well :)

Raine said...

That's so sweet. My husband and I do the same thing at times. He loves it when I bring home cake or brownie mixes or ingredients for blueberry muffins. (This reminds me, I'm going go bake him some brownies for when he gets home).

For me, he'll buy avocados, strawberries, or certain types of chocolate that I really enjoy.

Lori said...

Lovely post...again! (I have printed out my favorites and put them in a notebook to read over and over!) My hubby and I do the same...he has never been the hugely romantic type, but it's the little things, the everyday things that knit our hearts together. If you can picture a big, burly teddy bear of a guy, runs a warehouse...writing poetry to his wife, I tear up just thinking about it! I am so blessed...we mark 28 years on the 17th.
Thank you so much for your blog. Kindred spirits we are!
Blessings for your day!

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Gotta love those special touches.

Carolyn said...

My husband loves when I buy him Cadbury Eggs. I should get some extra this year and freeze them so he has a special treat throughout the year. I've found that when I get Christmas or birthday money, I almost always end up spending it on special foods for one or all of us.

Cassidy said...

Those are great gifts. I love when my husband buys me M&Ms or Reeses cups. I also love chips and dip. He is happy when I buy something to make from scratch that is sweet. Right now I have the ingredients for cinnamon rolls homemade. He is eagerly waiting for them so I will probably make those with my girls today! :) Smiles!! Cass

Cassidy said...

This is a wonderful way to give gifts. I have the ingredients to make homemade cinnamon rolls and my hubby is eager for me to make them. So, I will probably make them with the girls today! :)

Smiles, Cass

The Prudent Homemaker said...

My husband bought me milk for an anniversary gift last year. We mostly live from our pantry and our garden, so milk is a luxury that's out of our budget. It was dificult to even have the money to buy the milk, but he did--and I enjoyed it very much!

Rebecca Parker said...

Loved this! I'm getting ready to retire and for the first time get to be a stay at home wife. I think we have plenty to live but we won't be traveling or any of that sort of thing that is expected when you retire. Gifting my husband with his favorites will be a lovely way to show him I love him and make the day special. Thank you!