Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Mother Who Will Not Accept Reality

In the Yorkshire Dales

Our children walk in a dangerous world. They get into all kinds of mischief, often soberly and intentionally.  Some think, "Well, this is who they are." Or, "It is their choice in life."  That is the common reality.

But the mother who has holy ideals for her offspring, the mother who seeks and strives to see them walking a well-lit heavenly path, will not accept any of the bad.

This kind of mother does not pray dry prayers.  She does not pray by rote or through cold, generalizations. Her prayers are heartfelt and comfortingly urgent. They are specific and precious. Yet they come not from her own mind. . .

A Mother in a lukewarm state, cannot utter solemn prayers. She is incapable because she is full of "self" in her normal state of human nature. But the mother who takes one little step towards a holy life, such as spending a morning in bible reading, poring over the hymn book, or raptly listening to a godly sermon, has the most humble, heartbreaking prayers coming from her soul.

These kinds of prayers touch the Master.

Can you just image what would happen if we truly understood verses like this:

"For the righteous Lord loveth righteousness; his countenance doth behold the upright." (Psalm 11:7)

Imagine the feeble efforts of the mother saints, with humble hearts seeking God. Imagine Heaven's light of glory, and joy, shining on them and bringing them the beauty and awe just like Moses when he came off from the Mount after spending time with God.  He needed a veil because the glory of the Lord, which he had been sitting by and warming his soul, had been so strong that it brought fear and trembling to onlookers.

Imagine if we never settled for the reality we see before us. Imagine if we refused to accept sin and wrong paths in our children. Imagine if we went to our Heavenly Father, warmed ourselves in his holy presence and constantly begged him for regeneration and sanctification in our own lives and in those of our children.

Oh, what a Godly Generation this would bring!

Mrs. White

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Laura {{* *}} said...

It does feel like feeble effort
when insurmountable bad fruit
is all the eyes can see.

If not corrected, the eyes will also look to blame.
Blame cannot co-exist
while warming in His holy presence.

This is a valuable, life-saving post.
Thank you, Mrs. White.

{{* *}}

Cassidy said...

This is so true. I know when I miss my time in the Word that I do not even feel like myself and my joy is far reached if reached at all. My fervent prayer as I raise my children is that they will see the right example in me and that God would pierce their hearts with so much of Him that they would choose only Him - not the world around us.

Blessings, Cass

Mrs. V. said...

Oh, you have no idea how much I can relate to this post. Especially now that my children are teens and on the precipice of adulthood. I feel like my prayers for them need to be so big and so deep and so wide that at times it can be overwhelming. That is when I call on the Spirit to intercede for me. No one will ever pray for you the way a mother prays for you. Of this I am certain.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post. I am often in prayer over the lives of my children. My H is very matter of fact and (seemingly uncaring) about the worries I have. His attitude is one of the pragmatist in the "real world" ... "it's their life" "they're going to make mistakes" .. I'm learning not to turn to him with my concerns and to just offer it all up to God. HE is teaching me to trust in Him and Him alone. I realized yesterday how I will not ever cease worrying or being concerned about my children until the day I die. If I live long I may even have the blessing of praying for my grandchildren and great grandchildren! I am striving to see this as a blessing and not a burden... God has given me the Grace of caring about their welfare more than my own. I am being given a gift to use for the benefit of others. The only thing that matters is salvation.