Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Home Road To Heaven

Southern Cabin Home

Last night, as I cleaned the kitchen in the late hours of the day, I listened to a sermon on CD. It was a loud, old time preacher, and his words were encouraging and inspiring.  The echo of his voice went throughout the rooms and we all heard as we worked.

One of my teens asked me a question about what the preacher was saying. I answered quickly and then was silent. We were all fairly silent as we went about our evening routine.

This morning, as I did my exercises, I listened to old southern, Classic Gospel Music, and it comforted me.  This kind of "good propaganda" goes on in our home frequently, and it is necessary to keep us on a straight path despite a maze of choices in this life.

We read our Bibles, but not as often as we should. We sing hymns, but not like we should.  Our daily failures only make us realize how very fragile we are, and how much we need the Lord each and every day.

This early morning, before my family wakes up, I am preparing my mood and my mind for the labor before me. It is more than just a mother's hospitality of cooking and serving. It is about ministering and encouraging them all toward heaven. For Home is my duty. But mostly, Home, for us all, is the road to Heaven.

Mrs. White

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Mrs.B said...

Blessed by this today! SO BLESSED. :) Reminds me of my Papa singing...this song, too.

Debi said...

The Lord was definately using you to speak directly to me today. Thank you for that!

Laura Lane said...

Have a terrific day. May God help you through every minute.

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

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