Saturday, May 26, 2012

Inspired to Keep House

Library of Congress: A farm worker's home, Idaho, 1941.

I used to receive some lovely old fashioned magazines in the mail. These were mostly homemade or published by small companies. They focused on Motherhood and Homemaking. There were also many charming books on these subjects that supported and encouraged wives in their work at home.

Writings in these publications on subjects like cookery, mothering, housekeeping, and being a sweet and good wife were like honey to soothe the soul. 

The covers were beautifully decorated with pretty gardens, handmade quilts, home canned jams and other such enticing photographs or illustrations.

Before these periodicals were around, we wives depended on our church friends, family and our memories to help us along the way.  We were taught the home arts by Mother and grandmother.  This was when it was more common for women to stay at home and pass on the skills to the next generation.

When a grand-baby was expected, mother leaned on grandma for gentle support, advice and encouragement. The extended family taught skills of child care, patience, grace and the beauty of being home, by a living example, and by loving support.

The old ways are tried and true paths of peace.  The greatest thing we mothers learned by the older generation was to ride out the storms of life without giving up. We learned endurance, and how to stand strong and tall, following the principles of godly living, no matter what was happening around us.

This is what keeps the old paths alive. We don't walk away. We don't look at other options.

We must constantly strive to perfect the peace and comfort we can give to those in our midst with our godly hospitality. This is what helps inspire the next generation to keep house.

Mrs. White

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 "At Mother's House" by Mrs. White:


For Encouragement in Homemaking, order Mrs. White's book, from 2016, "At Mother's House: The Blessing of Being a Christian Housewife."

In this book, you will find essays, articles, and diary entries about life in a Christian home.

There are 40 entries which include:  "Poor and Pretty Living;" "A Home Without Clutter;" "The Money Packets;" "A Church Diet for the Family;" "Bringing Home Baby;" "The Children's Prayers;" "The Shabby Garden:" and "Just a Housewife."

Those who are seeking a peaceful home, with the Lord as the foundation, will find encouragement. (Paperback, 122 pages.)


Deanna said...

Dearest Mrs. White,
Sweet sweet blessings to you!!! Magazines like this today would be a treat. Instead I'm on the internet craving old fashioned advice. I'm a magazine lover and save so many of them.
God bless and may you have a pleasant week-end,
d on the prairie

Anonymous said...

I wish i could say I learned those old ways, but when I came to Christ, he had to teach me everything anew!

This is very inspiring, though!

Unknown said...

I love your blog, whenever I feel discouraged I just read one of your blog posts and it ministers to me so much..I love it when you put new blog posts up too =)

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Beautiful thoughts as usual. I'm going to start a load of laundry right now!

Then I'm going to tidy up.

Then I'm going to make something yummy for dessert.

Blessings to you from Harvest Lane Cottage!

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Hello Mrs. White,

Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I've had an opportunity to read a few post on your blog and will certainly return for more!
I too enjoy the wisdom and encouragement found in older publications. Although we are not Old Order Mennonite,I currently subscribe to an Old Order Mennonite publication, "Keepers at Home". I have found the articles, recipes and home making tips to be true blessings and a source of encouragement.
I look forward to future visits to your blog.

Sarah said...

Mrs. White,
It has been forever since I have had a chance to visit your blog. I am always encouraged by your posts. I would love to be able to get my hands on these old magazines that you speak of :) Unfortunately my grandmother passed away in the midst of teaching me the art of homemaking. My mother was a single mom of 4 and had to work. Everything I am learning is on my own. I want to pass down these important skills to my girls so they do not feel behind.
Sarah L.
Also I started a new blog called