Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Pleasant Task of Cleaning

View from the Veranda

I often walk into a messy room and sigh. . . Yet I realize that if I don't use my creativity, the room will not look inviting.  I want my rooms to be pretty. I want my husband and children to enjoy the quiet and order of home life.

All I have to do is put away a few items. . . Then tuck in chairs. . . I straighten pillows. . .  sweep floors, and wash mirrors. Each little task is progress. Just another polish here, and a tidy there, and soon my rooms look lovely.

A messy room can be a challenge.  But more often than not, it is a beautiful way for us to enjoy the fruit of our labor. With our own efforts and skills, we can create loveliness.

Once the work is done, I sit with a cup of tea and enjoy a much deserved homemaking break.  But the greatest reward of all, is when my family walks into a room, smiles to themselves and does not say anything about it. They are content and at peace, because that is the environment I strive to keep for them.

Everything is right with the world, when Mother's home is pleasant and tidy.


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Cathy said...

I could feel that sigh you described--I've done it a thousand times! It's a privilege to be the woman of the house, who makes it all neat and inviting again.

Tracey said...

I have been following your blog for about a month or so... I love it. When I read it, it gives me peace. I find the way you approach life and your home and family very soothing... I need this, because I am a little high strung for my own good. Thank you for creating a place to come to that brings peace, calmness and quiet to my day. I am also doing the prentiss study.... thank you for that as well!!

Elle said...

I really need to work on my attitude...I would love to feel the way you do about my house.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for this, Mrs. White. I know this to do some cleaning so that I can delight in a clean house once again. :)

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Dear Mrs. White,
I admire your determination to serve your family even when things are difficult for your.

ஐღMrs.Laura Laneღஐ
Harvest Lane Cottage
...doing what I can with what I've got where I am
on a short shoestring budget!