Thursday, May 31, 2012

Review - Courageous DVD

Movie - Courageous - Honor Begins at Home. (From the  Creators of "Fireproof.")

Media type - DVD, 129 Minutes.

Rating - PG - 13 (for "violence and thematic elements.")

This faith based film is outstanding!  Follow the lives of four cops, all fathers, and watch their lives change for the better as they resolve to change the direction of their families. 

Each man has a serious struggle in his life. But they each meet together and learn from Scripture, on what God's wants them to do.

The story line, itself, is thrilling at times, has its heartbreaking moments, and will also teach and inspire viewers to live godly lives.  I am amazed to see such a rare gem that centers specifically on men and their Christian calling. 

I want to share just a few of the things that I appreciated:

1.  A Teenage Daughter learns how to respect her father's wishes in choosing a boyfriend. I have never seen a father show such great care and commitment to her well-being. This clearly shows the modern culture our teens struggle in, and gives us a practical vision of how Dads can protect their children's hearts.

2. The exhaustion of one of the Dads, and his struggle to give up even more of his own time for the sake of his teenage son. 

3. The tremendous faith one of the fathers has in trying to find a way to financially support his wife and children.

I also love the resolutions (promises) each of these men made, in writing.  These are serious guidelines they agreed to follow and live by.

Resources have been created to go along with this movie. These include:

1. Courageous: A Novel by Randy Alcorn.
This book is amazing! It is based on the movie itself, but is an expanded version with additional subplots.  I absolutely loved it!

2. The Resolution for Men and The Resolution for Women.  Both of these books have the written resolutions, along with detailed chapters on each promise. They are designed for study groups or individual use.

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Sherri B. said...

My husband purchased this and was very impressed with it. He plans on viewing it with our son and son-in-law. xo

Jeff Hoots said...

After our family finished watching it, my wife said, "I wouldn't want to be in your seat right now!"

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