Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dreading the Chores

Hide and Seek, circa 1880-82

This is one of those rainy days when all I want to do is sit and read.   I miss the fresh, warm summer air.  I miss hanging clothes on the line and walking the property.  As I look around the rooms this morning, I realize I cannot let the chores slip, just because of my slothful mood.

But I WILL sit around and read. I will do what I enjoy most, because I have that freedom. However, I will first spend a quick 30 minutes cleaning the house.  I will do my basic work first, then do what I want.

 It is kind of like remembering to eat your dinner before you have the dessert. Since we don't have someone around telling us what to do next, sometimes we can be lazy and unproductive.  Yet, we can't give in to that childishness.   How many of us have done this, as adults? We've eaten the cake or cookies before dinner and then spoiled our appetite.    We have the freedom to do the wrong thing, but we cannot allow ourselves to indulge in such behavior.

For me to rest and read first, would make me overly tired and I would no longer have the energy to do my chores.  The dinner must come first. The work must be done first. Then I will enjoy the dessert - the rest, the peace and the quiet.

Mrs. White

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Sherri B. said...

I really needed to read this today, thanks...Off to do some chores! xo

Crystal @ Serving Joyfully said...

This is so true! ANd, I have to say that rest and "fun" stuff is way more satisfying when you know you've earned it!