Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Church Yard

Razzberry Creek Crossing

Seventeen years ago, I visited Cades Cove  in rural Tennessee. I have often thought of that place. There were small, rustic old cabins. This is the type of housing the frontiers-people lived in during the 1800's.  As we walked along, looking at the beautiful, quiet surroundings of the woods and simple structures, I was in awe.

Soon we came across a Church yard.   The simple building spoke of a time when ornate designs, or furnishings, were impossible for the pioneer families who resided there. Their life revolved around the most basic and essential things - Bible, Food, Shelter, Survival, Family and the Church.  I didn't see a single store.  But what keeps drawing me back to the memory of Cades Cove is the gravestones. 

We read the names of so many people. There were small children, babies, elderly, and husbands with their wives. The dates were in the 1800's and it was just amazing to realize that these godly people lived in that very spot.

There were also sayings on the graves.  Sweet words of comfort to onlookers, like Something from the Bible.  The wives also had the most precious words:  "Beloved Wife and Mother." Because that was the focus of those women's lives.  That was what mattered more than anything else in the world.

Every now and then, we need to look back at different times and places in American History, so that we may understand what is happening to our culture. We cannot allow ourselves to be so "Americanized" that we lose our heritage and our traditions.  Modernism and changes will always come quickly.  . . Just like the wind, which we can feel but not see.  If we are strong and stable in our historic roots, nothing will be able to shake us.

Mrs. White

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Kathy said...

Love the Smokies and Cades Cove! Lots of happy memories and family vacations.

Mrs. Settles said...

We visit the smokies every year and cade's cove is our favorite stop. Mainly we enjoy how close you can get to the deer but we also love to tour the cabins and churches. It is interesting how the Methodist church had two doors; one for men and another for the women. Our local Mennonite church is the same way I think.


Anonymous said...

I agree..not to become too "americanised". Well put.
God bless

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